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Mercury Retrograde and the Dance of Creation

Are you ready to go into the underworld? As we enter into Mercury Retrograde today our subconscious mind and intuition are heightened and the hidden, lost and forgotten messages come to the Surface.

This is a time to go within, entering our Inner Cave with presence and awareness. It is a time to review our past, awaken the inner ear and to be very mindful of making decisions and changes in our lives. As we know, any delays in our communication or technology or travels is just the Messenger God Mercury trying to tell us to stop and listen to the important messages that are coming through. I see this as a great gift.

The Retrograde starts today in the sign of Libra and on the 23 of September it will go into Virgo. Mercury aligns with the sun on the 22 of September, the peak of the retrograde, bringing us some clarity of why these messages have been revealed to us or why the chaos in our lives for not making space to listen to the messages has manifested.

So as we go into our Inner Cave, as Mercury Retrogrades in Libra, all things regarding relationships and our communication to people and experiences are called to reflect upon. As Mercury Retrograde goes into Virgo, health, work, service and our connection to the Earth will be the topics of reflection. In my experience, sometimes Mercury Retrograde brings me messages that don´t even seem to be connected with the zodiacal frequency. I feel Mercury retrograde brings us patterns and decisions from the past that have not been fully close, healed or resolved. Would love to know if this is your experience as well...

As this Mercury Retrograde is happening right before the Pisces Full Moon, I feel that it is quite easy to flow into the inner cave. Pisces is formless and is oneness, let us see this as a Blessing. Think of Pisces as a beautiful song that calls us just as a beloved does to dance and merge with the Rhythm and Harmony of the music.This is creation within Oneness.

On the 10th of September, the Full Moon in Pisces, we are gifted with the Virgo - Piscis axis. I see this like the letter Beit in Aramaic which means House. This is an opportunity to know that all that is manifested in the physical world was created to house Spirit.


Ana Otero

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