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Month of Shevat - Aquarius

Welcome to the month of Shevat - Aquarius, a time of awakening and renewal. Just as the sap of the tree begins to stir and awaken, bringing new life and nourishment to its branches, so too are we called in the month of Shevat to awaken our inner potential, nourishing our souls and blossoming with renewed purpose and growth.

In Gnostic - Biblical astrology, the month of Shevat holds a profound connection to John the Baptist. He is envisioned as pouring down the waters of creation, symbolizing the Baptismal Waters of the True Human. We are reminded that we are the Vessels of Light Creation ready to receive the Divine Feminine presence in this Messianic Age.

Shevat also represents the energies of Sarah Tamar, who isgrounding the codes of the true human on Earth. Her presence and influence in this month symbolize the embodiment of divine qualities in our earthly existence. She represents the integration of higher spiritual wisdom into our daily lives, guiding us to live in alignment with our true, authentic selves. She is activating the Rays of the Blue Rose so we may experience healing as a Humanity and Healing of the Earth.

This month is a time to cleanse ourselves of past limitations and to open up to the flow of new ideas and inspirations. We are invited to ground ourselves in the reality of our true nature, embodying the divine spark within us.

Divine Presence, as we welcome the month of Shevat and embrace the energy of Aquarius, we seek your guidance and wisdom.

Blessed Creator, just as the sap in the trees begins to stir, awakening to new life and growth, may we too awaken. Stir within us, ALaha, the dormant seeds of potential and purpose. Nourish our souls with your wisdom and love, that we may blossom with renewed vigor and clarity.

In the spirit of John the Baptist, we ask for the waters of creation to cleanse our beings. May these waters wash away the old, making way for new beginnings and fresh insights. Let us be purified in thought, word, and deed, ready to receive the blessings this month holds.

We also invoke the grounding energy of Sarah Tamar, embodying the codes of the true human. May her strength and connection to the Earth inspire us to root ourselves in our divine nature. Help us to integrate spiritual wisdom into our everyday lives, that we may walk in truth and authenticity.

Guide us, O Divine, to live in alignment with our highest selves. May this month of Shevat be a time of spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth. Help us to harness the innovative energy of Aquarius, using it to transform our lives and the world around us for the better.

We are grateful for the journey of transformation, for the lessons learned, and for the continual growth. May our hearts and minds be open to the profound teachings of this month, and may our actions reflect our inner awakening.


Sending so much love to all of you and looking forward to our Magdalene Priestess and Priest Magdalene Alaha Shela Ceremony for the month of Shvat - Aquarius.

For those who would like to be part of the 2024 Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training, you can go to the link in my bio. We start on January 26th. This is a 1 year online training, initiation and ordination.


Ana Otero

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