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Mother Anna and The Purple Rose

Ahava and Blessings,

This morning I woke up with so much joy knowing that we are entering into the month of Kislev - Sagittarius within the Aramaic Teachings and the Hebrew - Christian cycles of the Moon.

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new month and we are now in Kislev.

Kislev is the celebration of light in its most resplendent form – the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, and the joyous anticipation of Advent. It's a time when we turn away from the shadows that have trailed our steps, the demons of doubt and fear, and step boldly into the embrace of the light. This month is a dance of candles and starlit nights, a rejoicing of our courageous choice to seek the light, to honor our divine calling, and to revel in the triumph of our spiritual pursuit.

We welcome Mother Anna in the Month of Kislev with her teachings on Light Conception and activations of the Purple Rose.The Purple Rose is a profound symbol of the deep journey each soul undertakes.

As the petals of the Purple Rose unfold we receive the wisdom of Mother Anna, a wisdom that speaks of the royal essence of our incarnations. It is a reminder that our existence is not random or inconsequential but is imbued with a regal purpose, a higher calling that we are invited to explore and embody. The purple of the rose is a symbol of spiritual sovereignty, a sovereignty that is attained not through dominion over the outside world, but through mastery of oneself. The journey towards soul autonomy, symbolized by the Purple Rose, is a path marked by both grace and strength. It calls for a commitment to navigate the complexities of life while maintaining a connection to our our light, knowing that all experiences are not just learning lessons, but also hold a higher purpose..

The Purple Rose represents the grace of this journey — a grace that allows us to move through life with a sense of serenity and purpose. Yet, this path is also one of strength. The resilience of the Purple Rose speaks to our ability to face challenges and grow through them, to transform even the harshest conditions into opportunities for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Mother Anna, through the symbol of the Purple Rose, invites us to embrace our royal essence. She encourages us to recognize and honor the divinity within ourselves and others. It is a call to step into our power with humility and wisdom, to live a life that reflects the true depth and richness of our souls.

As the candles burn bright, casting a warm glow over the darkened world (specially in the Northern hemisphere), let us remember the lessons of Kislev – the power of inner illumination, the wisdom of Mother Anna, and the soulful sovereignty symbolized by the Purple Rose. In this sacred time, we celebrate not just the light around us, but the light within us, the eternal flame that burns in the heart of our being.

This is my favourite time of the year and I am looking forward to the lighting of the Advent Candles and rejoicing in the Light!

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Sending all of you so much love. May this New Moon bring us blessings of infinite light and may balance be restored on earth, may all humanity cultivate peace and receive healing.


Ana Otero

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