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Mother Anna. Surrender to Your Heart

Message from Mother Anna🌹

You feel a shift taking place within yourself and this shift is also in your homes, communities, neighborhoods, cities, country, and the world at large. Your Soul is awakening and when the Soul is ready to be expressed, you can feel the changes in your body, mind and heart.

The structures and stability that you have known are falling apart. Instead of feeling unsafe, take this as an opportunity to find your center within. You are being asked to look for new ways of being as you allow the Soul to breath and remember the Ancient Wisdom contained within you. Your Inner Dwelling is where you can access this Ancient Wisdom, Knowing and Truth. Your subtle body holds the Essence of your Light and the Mystery is encoded here.

Chokmah (wisdom) is waiting for you to take that leap of faith, that new step that will bring you to remembrance, restoration, action and unity. These times may not be easy, but they are purposeful times. Release the person you think you are and surrender to your Heart, to Love, to the pure Light of Alaha. As you initiate the first steps into your new journey, you will be filled with Grace, Understanding and Compassion.

If you feel broken or abandoned or if you feel like giving up, open your eyes and see the world as if you are seeing it for the first time. Receive the sunrise as if it is the first one you have ever seen. Live in the Miraculous. Live the Miracle. Know that you are the Miracle., and in this knowing, all of the different parts of yourself that have seem lost or separate will come together in unity.

Let your old self die and the POWER OF LIFE will be released.

Mother Anna

Channeled by Ana Otero

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Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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