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Mother Anna: The Divine Plan Lies Within You

Message Mother Anna. The Divine Plan Lies within You

All the details of the Divine Plan lie within you. You are here to create Heaven on Earth and you laid out this heavenly blue print before you came here on Earth. You are Divinity in Human Form. I see the perfection within you. I can see the Well of Wisdom at the core of your being. Travel deep within yourself, within your infinity, and in this place you will gaze at ALAHA staring back at you.

Remember the truth of your lost knowledge buried for thousands of years.

Open to an expanded consciousness as you weave together past, present and future.

Revisit places within yourself that were vacated so long ago, places that hold the secrets of the ages which have been concealed for longer than you know.

Transcend separation and duality and return to your essence, which is unity.

Open and receive the keys and codes of light I offer you.

These codes of Light will free you from the old bonds, and you will leave pain, suffering and the illusion of separation behind.

In this Light you will become aware of your infinite Creative Energy and remember the Passion of Alaha to create. I am lighting your Fire and it is you who must tend to your fire.

Within your heart there is no separation. Duality is simply part of your earth's cycle. To know love you must experience the longing for it, you must experience the exile of the divine love making which lies deep in your heart. You have searched and you have allowed love to dwell within you. This is who you truly are: the embodiment of Love.

Prepare yourself to be the Holy Child reborn into a life of wonderment and Holy Creation.

I bless you with my words.

Mother Anna

Channeled by Ana Otero

Wishing all of you a blessed Monday. Below you can watch the video of the Lighting of the Second Advent Candle and also a Hathor - Venus Meditation.


Ana Otero

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