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Mother Anna. You are Ready for Freedom

Many of us have gathered to celebrate and journey with the 12 Days of Gnostic Christmas. We are on Day 11 and on this day we receive the zodiacal frequency of Cancer.

Each day we have received a message from Mother Anna and today´s message I find to be so powerful that I would like to share it with this lovely Community.

Message from Mother Anna

Awakening is powerful. One day you awaken to the reality of yourself and the life that you are living. This causes your awareness to understand that the reason for the present state has always to be traced back to yourself, to that which you chose to evolve as a soul You are ready to take the first step on your path towards freedom.

Meditating on these words from Mother Anna made me think about the last line in Yeshua´s Aramaic Prayer: Elataxan Membish. This is an invocation to be freed by that which is not our true essence, to be freed from programs, fears, veils,and separation.

You can watch the transmission of this Mantra in the video below.


Ana Otero

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