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Mother Anna: Your Sacred Journey

Beloved Children of Light,

I, Mother Anna, reach out to you with a message of love and remembrance. You are each on a sacred journey, a celestial path that your soul has chosen long before you graced this earthly plane.

Your soul’s journey is one of lifetimes, experiences, and divine purpose. In this incarnation, you carry within you the echoes of ancient wisdom and the seeds of your unique mission. Remember that you are not only experiencing and walking a physical path, your soul is also unfolding and expanding throughout the Infinity of Creation.

The light of the Divine is ever-present, a guiding star in the greatness of your existence. Yet, to see this light, you must open not just your eyes but also the inner vision of your soul. This light of Divine Presence resides within you, in the sacred chamber of your heart, waiting to illuminate your path and dispel the shadows of doubt and fear.

Your heart is ready to receive the wonders and the miracles that are inherently yours. But first, there is healing to be done. Healing is not a sign of weakness, but a courageous act of opening yourself to the transformative power of love. As you heal, you make space for your soul's royalty – the regal essence of your truest self, the sovereign spirit that knows no bounds.

The sacred path of your soul is longing to be expressed. To walk this path, you must embrace humility, not as a diminishment, but as an acknowledgment of the vastness of the Cosmic Intelligence and your precious part within it. In humility, you find the strength to take each step with intention and reverence, recognizing that every moment is a gift, every experience a lesson, and every encounter a reflection of the Divine.

Embrace your journey with an open heart and willing spirit. Trust in the wisdom of your soul, for it is an ancient traveler on the path of light. Within you dwells a sacredness, a royal essence waiting to be fully realized and expressed.

Walk gently, love deeply, and remember that you are luminous and eternally cherished.

Mother Anna

Channeled by Ana Otero

Blessings to all of you on this Beit Day - Monday. I am writing from the sacred land of Avalon, feeling blessed to receive this message from Mother Anna.

I will be back in my Temple Space very soon and I can´t wait to be with all of you in Sacred Circle!

The 12 Holy Days of Christmas is open for registration and if you would like to experience a powerful journey of Soul Expansion and also experience Christmas mystically, how it really should be celebrated, join us! CLICK HERE

Sending so much love to all of you..


Ana Otero

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Thank you so much for this. I have actually been hearing her too, which is odd for me. Even before these messages started. So appreciate you.

Replying to

Bless you. Ahava

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