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Mother Mary and Lady Elizabeth

When Mother Mary went to visit Lady Elizabeth, Yohanan and Yeshua felt each

other´s presence as they were in the sacred wombs of these Qadeeshas (Holy Women in Aramaic).

As Mother Mary sang what is known as the Magnificat in Christianity, and known as the Song of the Maryams in the Essene and Christ communities, the destiny that been sealed in the Celestial Realm was anchored as prophecy.

Yohanan, John the Baptist, at an early age was trained by great prophets of the Temple before he went to live in a cave near the River Jordan to pursue his Mission as the one who brings down the Holy Spirit, baptizing and activating the rebirth in Spirit to those who went on pilgrimage seeking the Shekhinah - the Divine Feminine Presence - the Holy Spirit.

When Yeshua received the fullness of the light and spirit, and essence of the Eternal One through the Baptism of Spirit given to him by Yohanan, Yeshua went into the desert seeking a vision, seeking his message and mission, and angels came to hime in revelation. These were the six of the sacred circle: Metatron, Sandalfon, Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel. After his 40 days of Vision Quest, his Mission was clear, and Yeshua initiated his Ministry.

In the Song of the Maryams, known as the Magnificat, there is a phrase in Aramaic:

AaMeK SaYEaT Makikh and has lifted up the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty.

The true meaning here is:

Those who make space, and create a vessel for Alaha, Mother - Father Divine, will receive blessings, destiny, mission and miracles.

Those who remain filled with endless veils from so many lifetimes and choose not to be emptied will remain empty and live in false illusion.

The word Makikh in Aramaic means to be humble. This is the most powerful word in the prayer, as to be humble is to know that all is a co-creation. Our relationship with Divine presence is 2 way , 2 energies merging together to bring forth the light and the Soul Essence.

Elizabeth embodies the wisdom of the Crone Mother, while Mary embodies the purity of the Maiden-Virgin Mother. The significance of Mary's song to Elizabeth goes beyond the joy of chanting the Song of the Maryams that the the Holy Women of the Temple of the Light sang every day. As Mary chanted these sacred Aramaic words, she, as the Virgin Mother, was cleansing any shadows that might linger around Yeshua and Yohanan. Simultaneously, she was sanctifying both her own essence and that of Lady Elizabeth. This purification was crucial for both women to stay resolute in their divine mission, even amid uncertainty and apprehension, as they prepared to welcome these High Holy teachers conceived under the radiance of the Shekhinah. When Elizabeth embraced these holy words, the ancient knowledge of the School of Light Conception, overseen by Mother Anna, came to life. This activation extended beyond the two women, beyond the present moment, reaching different timelines, resonating deeply within the anointed community of Yeshua and the Magdalene.

Chant - or listen to the Song of the Maryams in Aramaic. This song will bring Light, Clarity and Mission. Below you can listen to it from one of my Albums.

We are currently creating a platform so you may chant these sacred songs in Aramaic and bring these blessings and sacred practices into your daily practice.

Blessed be our Sacred Community and all those anointed by Christ Messiah and Mary Magdalene Kallah Messiah.


Ana Otero

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Oct 31, 2023

Blessings Ana🌹Thank You! I am very excited about the Eternal Feminine album next!!!😀Each album Carrie’s it’s own sweet medicine. Especially the above blog. Ahava

Replying to

Bless you and sending so much love. Ahava


Ellen Burle
Ellen Burle
Oct 31, 2023

Thank you so very much Beloved Ana🙏🕊️🕊️🙏 Much Love ♥️Blessings 💖Gratitude 🙏to you🕊️AHAVA🪬🌹🪬

Replying to

Sending so much love to you. Ahava

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