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Mother Mary Channeling

Take a moment to reflect on your essence. Each and every one of you is Divinity. Are you aware of your Divinity and your Divine Power? Allow awareness to shine through. Don't hide anymore. I see the Light expanding from the center of your existence.

Today I am here to speak to you about the anointed one and the Feminine Christ. My mission when I was on Earth was to awaken the Christ in people, the Heavenly Divine Light that is born from the process of purification and encounter with the soul. More and more you will understand your full weight, and you will begin to dance with all the chords of your heavenly song. Your soul song is becoming quite in tune with the soul songs of others, and you are creating a beautiful symphony. Behold the wonders that the notes are creating in your outer world, and if you feel like you are not expressing those wonders, turn your gaze within.

The Way of Christ is the Way of the Exaltation of the Soul.

Embrace the Joy that flows more and more from your depths, from your consciousness, as you immerse yourself in the Reality that you are creating. You are creating more and more Miracles by opening your wings and your powers of Creation.

You are on the precipice of many more wonders and when you align your heart with the Christ, your most hidden truth will be revealed to you. Time is relative and that light that you want so much is within your reach. What blocks the manifestation of your light?

I am here to accompany you on your journey back to the celestial origin of your soul so that the Beloved, once you know The Light of your soul, may accompany you back to Earth to live in the Sacred Garden of Eden.

My message to you today is:

To access the fullness of your incarnation on EARTH, the Soul and the Body must unite in Sacred Matrimony, the two have to be One and Indivisible, the One within the Other, and the other within the One.

Channeled by Ana Otero

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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