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My Connection with Glastonbury and Mary Magdalene

My Connection with Glastonbury and Mary Magdalene.

The first time I went to Glastonbury many years ago I went on the pursuit to deepen my relationship with the Lady of Avalon and the strong Goddess energy held in this Sacred Land. Since I was a child Avalon called me in so many ways. These first trips to the Sacred land of Avalon gave me a powerful connection to my breath and to the cycles of life. I knew that my feet were walking on Sacred Ground and my relationship with my body changed into a loving communication with my sacred vessel.

After living in the Middle East for so many years I returned to Europe for a sabbatical, as I did not know where I would end up living. I had experienced my first apparitions of Mary Magdalene in the Middle East and coming back to Europe made me feel somewhat away from my center. I had grounded myself so powerfully in the Land of the Desert Teachers that I felt more dry in Europe than in these lands. This is when I decided to take a trip to Avalon again, so I headed for Glastonbury.

I arrived in Glastonbury late at night and I could feel my fire and desire awakening again. The next day I woke up and my original plan was to go to the Magdalene Chapel, but something within me told me I needed to go to St Mary´s Church. As I went into the Church, I noticed that on Sunday the Mass was in Latin and in the early forms of liturgy: AD ORIENTEM. Ad Orientem has been used to describe the eastward direction of prayer that the early Christians faced when praying (even the priest, so he conducts the mass with his back to everyone), a practice that continues in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox churches, Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Assyrian Church of the East, as well as the Eastern Catholic and Eastern Lutheran churches.Since the time of the early Church, the eastward direction of Christian prayer has carried a strong significance. In the 2nd century, Syrian Christians hung a Christian cross on the eastern wall of their house, symbolizing their souls facing the Abwoon, the Divine Mother - Father. This symbolized a powerful communication and partnership with the Divine. The eastward direction of prayer among early Christians is a custom inherited from the Jews. At the time of the formation of Christianity, Jews commonly prayed towards the Temple of Solomon, where the presence of the transcendent Shekinah (the Divine Feminine Presence)resided in the Holy of Holies of the Temple. This direction of the Temple of Solomon was the East. For many years Catholics and Christians from all over the world faced the East, as it was believed to be the direction of Jerusalem, not a physical place, it was the eternal promised land, the Heavenly City of Peace.

It was actually the first time I had experienced this kind of mass. I knew the symbolism behind it because my mother spoke to me about the AD ORIENTEM when I was a child.

When it was time for communion, I realized I hadn´t had Holy Eucharist in years since my quest to find the feminine bride of God. I felt something so ritualistic about the experiencing I was having and I decided to take Eucharist on this day.

When I sat down again at the pew, a strong sense of heat entered my body. I felt as if I was having a powerful Kundalini Awakening. I was very dizzy and my crown chakra started to open. I felt such a strong presence of Mother Mary surrounding me. It was such a glorious feeling. I knew I was in the right place.

When the mass finished I stayed sitting in the church, in a state of pure presence and bliss. I sat for some time until they closed and as I walked back home I knew something strong was coming my way.

That night, after a warm cup of chai, I fell into a very deep sleep and Mary Magdalene appeared in my dream, more than a dream, I traveled with her. She took me to a a beautiful Temple in the desert and there we sat and talked. Many times after this moment she comes to me in my sleep and takes me to the same temple. In this place Mary Magdalene told me that I was to create Mary Magdalene Mystery School. I remember that I asked her: but, what do I teach? And she said, teach what you know and what you receive.

Glastonbury holds a special place in my heart as it represents the spark of fire I needed to continue into a new chapter of my life after the Middle East. I wanted to share with you my personal story.

For this reason I love to facilitate Magdalene Retreats in Glastonbury. In March 2022 I will facilitating a beautiful retreat in Glastonbury. I will be working with a smaller group than usual, just to be on the safe side regarding Covid Limitations and Restrictions. I have already started to prepare our Magdalene Inner Journey for this Retreat and I feel it will be the most powerful yet. There are 2 spaces left for anyone interested in joining. For more info please email me at:


Ana Otero

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