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Mystical Mothers

The Mother, a Cosmic Force that illuminates the shadowed corners of existence. The Mother seeds hope and faith in her celestial womb. The Mother carries the ancient wisdom, the secrets of the stars and the tapestry of ethereal threads of revelation. Within the Mother lies the power to create, heal and to transcend the mortal boundaries. For it is within the Mother that we remember our infinity.

Today is Mother´s Day in Spain and from the depth of my heart, I send all Women my love and blessings. We are all Mystical Mothers as we dance between the earthly and the ethereal, bridging the realms of the divine and the mortal. We are the celestial nurturers, the guardians of sacred wisdom, the keepers of sacred traditions. As embodiments of the Divine Feminine, we hold the power to transform the world through love, compassion, and wisdom. As Women, let us inspire the birth of new ideas, the emergence of creativity, and the expansion of consciousness.

With a heart full of gratitude, I honor my daughter Almudena, who chose me as the sacred vessel through which her radiant spirit could enter this earthly realm. As we continue to traverse this intricate tapestry of life, may we forever cherish the sacred bond that unites us, and may we remain eternally in the loving embrace of mother and daughter.

Happy Mother´s Day.

Image of Mother Mary from the just released The Desert Rose Oracle Cards that are now available for purchasing. Artist: Gabriel Icka.


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