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Nashak: The Sacred Kiss

The Hebrew and Aramaic word for kiss Nashak means ‘to breathe together’ or ‘to share the same breath’ as the Holy Spirit weaves together 2 breaths into 1.

When two people kiss each other with unconditional love and soul remembrance, the doors to Malkoota d’Shmaya (Kingdom of Heaven) are opened. The Rukha d'koodsha (Aramaic for Holy Spirit) blesses the Divine Sacred Beloveds.


“The companion of the Son is Miriam of Magdala. The Teacher loved her more than all the disciples; he often kissed her on the mouth.”

In the Desert Rose Teachings, the Breath was indicative of the very life essence, source or even spirit of a person, a kiss on the mouth indicated a mingling of essences by the mingling of breath.

The Holy kiss is steeped in Gnostic meaning.

There are 2 expressions of Nashak. The first one is a transmission of wisdom through the Holy Breath that one person contains and then passes this Holy breath to another person. The other expression is more of a sexual connotation, where 2 lovers become one.

Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert

Written by Ana Otero

The image is from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards. This Card is NASHAK:Sacred Kiss. The process of creation of these cards is being so transformative and magical. The artist is Gabriel Icka and I am eternally grateful for his presence and his ability to capture the essence of the Desert Rose Teachings and the Magdalene Consciousness that fills these cards.

The pre-sale will be available next week. If you would like to be on our email list for the presale please leave me a message.


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