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New Moon in Aries: The Magdalene Covenant

In Biblical - Gnostic Astrology, Aries represents the Pineal Gland and the Arc of the Covenant. Through Aries the light of Christ gives us the ability to transform suffering into virtue and to turn our dark nights into potential seeds of Light Creation. Cycles are prophetic, as something is always revealed to us when we are ready and willing to spiral within the Cycle. When we align with the Cycles of the Cosmic Intelligence, we experience oneness within all the planes, timelines and Dimensions.

Alignment is beyond balance. Balance helps us understand when we are too much on one side, we must include or return to the other side. Alignment permits the mind's activity to go beyond its limitations, to transcend duality, to live in the ever present moment that is infinitely being experienced in the past and in the future. When we experience this, our atoms, molecules, cells, breath, time, space, dimensions, light, angels, Alaha, are all working together. The communication amongst all realms that form our reality is flowing at all levels, the interference that once was there starts to disappear.

When the Soul and Spirit are in alignment, they easily flow together and work towards our soul’s evolution. This is not just a state of being or a state of mind, it is a delightful consequence of the deliberate and purposeful (spiritual, intellectual, and physical) work we put in on a daily basis. When we are in alignment with the Cosmic Intelligence, we create the magic and synchronicity in our reality that results in positive and optimal manifestations. This is self - revelation.

In Gnostic Biblical Astrology, Aries represents the Covenant. With Yeshua´s New Covenant, he taught us that we are given direct access to the Divine Mother - Father, there is no separation. Now we are in this Time on the Planet where we receive the New Covenant given to us by Mary Magdalene: Jerusalem. In this Covenant we embody the Magdalene, we learn to embody the frequencies of different Light Beings and Celestial Energies. This does not mean that we become them, this means that we hold their vibration, their sound Current, and through our own free will we can access the wisdom codes of these beings.

With Yeshua we are taught the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism within the Bridal Chamber, as being reborn within the Divine Mother is part of the direct access to Alaha, and in this rebirth we are reborn in the Heart.

With Mary Magdalene we become the heart and we are rebirthed in our Galactic Spiritual Truth.

From this Spiritual Truth, we can channel our Sexual Force represented by Aries for the sake of Creating Creation infinitely with the eternal presence of Alaha.

May we remember on this New Moon and Equinox Portal, that the canvas is clear once again, we are in the emptiness of the pure potentiality of creation and in this Space, Aries ignites the Hooba, the Holy Flame of Desire. As this Holy Flame is lit, we have the potential to channel our Sexual Energy for the purpose of bringing down Light Creation.

We are the Heart.

We are the Flame.

We are the Light.

We are Creation.

If you would like to experience a curated practice: AWAKENING THE JERUSALEM TEMPLATE to align with this powerful lunar cycle and receive ancient and powerful Mystery Teachings CLICK HERE.

Thank you to all of you in this Community. Your presence is so dear to me.


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