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New Moon in Cancer

Today we are blessed with another New Beginning in the Feminine Watery Sign of Cancer. Although we set our intentions and seed with enthusiasm, this moon is about alignment and a strong call for all of us to take care of ourselves, to go within our inner dwelling, our soul home. Our Soul Home aligns us with our Highest Truth and in this space we don´t need to worry about what unfolds next.

In this New Moon in Cancer we have the opportunity to trust that we are safe and that what we are meant to find will find us.

Cancer calls us to surrender, to live in Devotion and to have Faith that our guiding light is with us always.

In this New Moon seed the following intentions:

  • How can my Mature Mothering take me to be responsable for my creations.

  • How can I fall in love with myself?

  • What area of my life needs water? In what areas of my life to I need to activate my fertility?

  • What do I need to feel safe and stable?

  • How can I listen to my emotions without letting them posses me?

  • How can I be more receptive and aligned with my inner rhythm?

  • What is my fierce feminine saying no to regarding the shadow patriarchy?

  • How can I let the Divine Feminine Presence in my life?

Have a happy and Holy New Moon in Cancer.

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day and every way.


Ana Otero

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