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New Moon Libra Channeled Message

New Moon Libra Message

This particular New Moon Takes place at 2 Degrees.

2 Degrees in Libra brings a particular sensitivity to any kind of meanness or harshness in the world. The need for harmony will be amplified.

This New Moon in Libra will awaken a very sophisticated sensitivity and we will be able to feel everything with intensity on an energetic level. The Arcline of our Wombs will be activated giving the Energetic Womb an opportunity to expand and hold the true seeds of Divine Union. We are being asked to really tune into our values and not have the need to defend ourselves from other people´s attacks. We will receive so much from Lady Wisdom if we are open.

Our relationship with Alaha - Source - Divine Mother Father will be strengthened and we will feel supported by the Heavenly Army of Light. We will also be a lot more flexible regarding relationships, learning to understand the diversity and to bring unity in diversity.

Pleiadian Energy will be very active in this Lunar Cycle and we are given an opportunity to heal the heart.The boundaries between our world and the world of Spirit will be particularly thin at this time, especially at dawn and dusk, opening powerful portals for downloads and energetic upgrades. This is due to the influence of many different portals that this lunar cylce brings, as Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, etc). Venus in her Higher Octave asks us to purify our sexual energy so our Inner Serpent can penetrate our heart.

This particular frequency of the New Moon Cycle is about Divine Union. We are being called to heal relationships on all levels and to heal the relationship we have with our inner child. Jupiter´s presence will be powerful and will allow us to see what relationships need to be healed.

Lady Wisdom is very present in this New Moon and Libra Lunar Cycle. She calls us to reflect on opposite poles, light and dark, Yin, and the feminine force. As we bring more of the Feminine Force to our lives we will be able to deliver with ease that which we are longing to manifest.

This Lunar Cycle of Libra, the Month of Tishrei, is all about magnification and magnetization. As we become more sophisticated with our energy field and how to use energy, we can magnetize and magnify.

We must be cautious with our words as they are they hold in this Cycle a Powerful frequency of Beresheet, of Creation.


Ana Otero

Mary Magdalene Message

Everything is birthed from within, not from outside you. As you go deep within your Sacred Space you will find that you are infinite, the rebirth that you experience is constant and brings you to experience new ways of being, relating, creating and loving. Nurture yourself. Nurture the seeds you find and receive in your infinity. Bless the fertile ground in which these seeds grow and they will blossom and flood your inner garden. Breathe in the fragrance of your Essence that has been so long forgotten. Dance in the Light and Glory of the Miracle that you are. Mary Magdalene Channeled by Ana Otero


Ana Otero

Image created by Gabriel Icka for the Desert Rose Oracle Deck.

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