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New Moon Sagittarius and Solar Eclipse Message

Creative alchemy requires a leap of Faith. To engage with the creative impulse and let yourself be penetrated by the creative channel takes us on a journey into the Mystery waiting to be revealed within our hearts. To create art is to make love with the sacred, thus becoming a channel of Grace. Your self-expression is an absolute work of art and requires periods of quietude and reflection. We need silence to hear what wants to be expressed through us. All creations begin with receptivity. And on this New Moon, what is the Creative Alchemy that your soul seeks to engage in?

Sagittarius seeks for Truth. How will you return into the ALIGNMENT OF TRUTH that your soul is yearning for?

The Solar Eclipse is a Total disruption of the ordinary so that something is exposed, released, transmuted, transformed and transfigured.

May we all follow the Path of our Souls Destiny. May the seeds we plant bloom as we enter the NEW WORLD.



Ana Otero

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