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New Moon Scorpio and Solar Eclipse Message

The Womb of the Black Madonna

Blessings on this New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse.

The Black Madonna takes our hand and gives us the opportunity to experience intimacy with our soul. Many have just celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights, a symbol of the different lights we are asked to ignite within the darkness of our Womb Space - Cave Space. If we were to walk into a completely dark room, we would take action to turn on the Light. Once the Light is turned on we would see, know and recognize all that is around us. As we enter our darkness it is only us that can turn on the lights. Then we can truly see and know what lies within us.

The Black Madonna is the darkness of the void from which the light is born. She is the primal void from which everything has emerged. She is the mystery that draws all things deeper and deeper. She is the formless infinite void at the beginning of the Rig Veda in Hinduism and the Book of Genesis in the Bible. She is the great cosmic Mother from which all creation exists and the seed and source of creation. As she unites all aspects of creation, as we enter into this infinite womb space we are asked to unite all aspects of ourselves.

The ego trembles with fear when we commit into entering our darkness. As we savour the nectar of our truth, a new light emerges. We become freer, more sovereign, stronger and hold the power of our own innateness to create.

This new moon and solar eclipse brings us into communion with cosmic, transformative and sustaining love. The solar eclipse intensifies the experience of the Scorpio Teachings. In Biblical astrology, we enter the Month Mar Chesvan. In the gnostic tradition, in this Lunar Cylce we are asked to dive deep into our waters to purify and know our truth. Once we know our true soul essence we must bring her up to the physical or more mundane realm, as here is where we are truly able to carry out our life’s purpose.

This cycle of watery darkness gives us the opportunity to weave our tapestry of:












In this Lunar Cycle on Nov 2 we embark on a 9 day devotional journey with John the Baptist, the Shamanic Lunar Masculine, and experience the intensity of the Masculine Void within the Feminine Void.


Ana Otero

The Desert Rose Mystery School

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