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Novena Mother Anna Day 7

On this 7th day of our Novena, we ask Mother Anna to guide us in the fulfillment of our soul contract here on Earth.

Message from Mother Anna

In your Human Incarnation you manifest your karma in different scenarios until you learn how to go beyond the karma. If you choose to avoid working through your karma you will be stuck in different aspects of your life and it will be difficult to honor your soul contract.

The more you surrender and trust your Human Incarnation on Earth, the more you will understand that peeling the layers of falseness is part of your schooling on Earth. Try not to understand your soul contract through the EGO. This will only make you long for something that you think is better than your current situation. To achieve the gift of your Destiny, you must surrender to Love, to Purity, to Awareness, to Unity. Ultimately, you surrender to your soul, which gives you the ability to move through life with ease and grace.

Channeled by Ana Otero

Today is a perfect day for being in the body. For honoring our intuition, for connecting with the heart. Take a moment to walk in nature or just be more physical. And then be silent and look at everything that is around you. You will notice things that you have never noticed before. The Ego takes us away into the mind to notice things with a perspective based on our experiences. When we bring our energy to the body, this is presence and this is honoring the Human Physical Experience.


Ana Otero

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