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Novena St. Teresa of Avila. Day 4

Ahava and Blessings

Today we celebrate day 4 of our Novena to St Teresa of Ávila.

St Teresa of Avila quotes: For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God. Mary Magdalene in many of the Channelings I receive from her talks about being in a spiritual partnership with the Abwoon, the Divine Mother - Father. This spiritual relationship is devotion, prayer, surrendering, gratitude and a co-creation that brings us to understand that we are Creation within Creation. I truly believe that this experience of Co-Creation allows us to feel confident with ourselves and being in Love with LOVE ( Abwoon) will allow us to experience love with ALL. Day 4 of Novena

Say out loud:

St. Teresa, I ask that you open the doors to the interior castle of my heart so I too may begin the journey into the power of prayer. I ask that you grant me this gift. Make me a channel of Creativity and Inspiration.

Read the following written by St. Teresa of Ávila. Please note that GOD as she calls the Divine has no Gender, I am just being faithful to the translation.

I have always had a tendency to develop a deep fondness for the men who guide my soul. Because I feel safe with them, I express my affection. This often seems to make them uncomfortable. Being God-fearing servants of the Lord, they are afraid that my love for them—even if it is a very spiritual love—might become a dangerous temptation for me, so they have treated me harshly. . . . Sometimes when I saw how they were misinterpreting my feelings for them, I would laugh to myself but I wouldn’t let on to them how unattached I really was to any human being. But I did reassure them, and as they got to know me better, they realized that my primary attachment was to the Lord. . . . Once I had seen this Beloved of mine and discovered how easily and how continually I could converse with him, my confidence in the divine friendship increased. — Teresa of Avila, from Teresa of Avila: The Book of My Life St Teresa of Avila was a nun and lived in a Convent, yet she lived a totally embodied Feminine Experience. She felt and honored the Divine Masculine and many important men were very close to her. This in her time was also seen as something wicked and dangerous by the Inquisition. Do not mention her name! She is a restless, gadabout, disobedient and contumacious woman, who invented wicked doctrines and called them devotion, transgressed the rules of enclosure, in opposition to the Council of Trent and to her superiors, and taught others, against the commands of Saint Paul, who has forbidden women to teach. — a statement about Teresa of Avila, by papal nuncio Filippo Sega,

On this fourth day of the Novena, let us reflect on the following: 1. How can I be in a Spiritual partnership, not just friendship, partnership with the Divine? 2. How can I open myself up to the Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine and allow myself to be vulnerable, to BE ME. When we experience the ecstatic love for the Abwoon, we become LOVE, and there is no shame, no attachment, just as St Teresa of Avila wrote, she loved without limits and there was no desire to make something belong to her. In this love without attachments, we become the INFINITE POTENTIAL OF CREATION IN ITS ESSENCE. In the Quran, Allah asks many times: Which of my blessings will you deny? What are the blessings that we have been denying? You are beautiful. Shine and share your beauty. You are perfect, open up and express yourself. You are healing, and in the teachings of Mary Magdalene, to heal is to remember that we are WHOLE, we are ONENESS, we are COMPLETE, we are DIVINE UNION, we are LOVE.

When you are finished reflecting, chant and do the Movement Prayer in the video included below.







Ana Otero

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