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Novena St Teresa of Avila. Day 6

Ahava and Blessings

Today we celebrate day 6 of our Novena to St Teresa of Avila. How can we allow the Holy Beloved to melt the rough edges around our heart. Many times in relationships, whether it be with our partners, parents, children , friends,etc., we have an urge to pull away or strike at them, as it is difficult to accept the shadow of human conditioning. Yeshua taught us to love one another. In the world that we are living in everything seems to be so polarized. Politics seems to have become a religion and we separate from each other due to our political views. So many people are triggering us at the moment and if we receive this as an opportunity to transcend our EGO, to transcend the desire to get angry and just accept and send love so that we can again come into a balance, a uniting within different beliefs. We are being tested as a humanity and the task that we have been given is to love each other, to look at each other´s eyes with compassion. This does not mean justifying certain toxic behaviours or abuse, yet even if we move away from abuse, we can learn to come to a place within us that is in peace. The Black Madonna helps us understand the shadow of Human Condition. She is healing, she is the light, the NOOHRA, within the darkness and everytime we integrate any shadow aspect of ourselves and others, we are reborn, and the Shechinah, the Divine Feminine Presence, the Holy Spirit, bows down to us and dwells within us with all of her strength. Day 6 of Novena

Say out loud: St. Teresa, I ask that you open the doors to the interior castle of my heart so I too may begin the journey into the power of prayer. I ask that you grant me this gift. Make me a channel of Creativity and Inspiration. Read the following written by St. Teresa of Ávila. Please note that GOD as she calls the Divine has no Gender, I am just being faithful to the translation. On the spiritual path, the Beloved asks only two things of us: that we love him and that we love each other. This is all we have to strive for. . . . In my opinion, the most reliable sign that we are following both these teachings is that we are loving each other. . . . Be assured that the more progress you make in loving your neighbor, the greater will be your love for God. His Majesty loves us so much that he repays us for loving our neighbor by increasing our love for him in a thousand ways. I cannot doubt this. . . . Oh, friends! I can clearly see how important love of your neighbor is to some of you, and how others of you just don’t seem to care. If only you could understand how vital this virtue is to all of us, you wouldn’t engage in any other study. — Teresa of Avila, from The Interior Castle

In total union, no separation is possible. The soul remains perpetually in that center with her God. We could say that that other union is like pressing two softened candles together so that their twin flames yield a single light. Or we could say that the wick, the wax, and the flame are all the same. But afterwards one candle can easily be separated from the other; now they are two candles again. Likewise, the wick can be withdrawn from the wax. The spiritual marriage, on the other hand, is like rain falling from the sky into a river or pool. There is nothing but water. It’s impossible to divide the sky-water from the land-water. When a little stream enters the sea, who could separate its waters back out again? Think of a bright light pouring into a room from two large windows: it enters from different places but becomes one light. — Teresa of Avila, from The Interior Castle On this sixth day of the Novena, let us reflect on the following: 1. Look around at those people who are triggering you throughout the day. Not only the ones you know, also the people you come across, whether in person or in social media, news, etc. If there is anything that pushes you away from them or bothers you, change your attitude and just send them love. What can you see in Him-Her that is a reflection of you?

2. Reflect on how learning how to love and accept each other can bring you closer to Divine Union with the Abwoon. Also reflect on how Divine Union with the Abwoon will bring you to love and accept others. The moment we ask the Beloved, God. Goddess, to be immersed in total union with Him-Her, the small ego self is annihilated. We disappear and we are reborn in the dance of Unity. When you are finish reflecting, chant and do the Movement Prayer in the video included below. I have also included a video on Weekly Magdalene Guidance. AHAVA RACHAMIN CHESED SHALOM INANA NOOHRA DI ALMA Ahava, Ana Otero

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