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Our Relationship with the Stellar Rays

In this month of March we are experiencing great shifts:

Mars moves into Cancer after being in Gemini for 7 months.

Saturn moves into Pisces, after spending nearly 3 years in Aquarius.

Pluto will move briefly into Aquarius (after 15 years in Capricorn), and will return permanently to Aquarius in 2024 and stay there for about 20 years.

Intensity brings change, as it is a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone. As we move into these new energies it is an opportunity for us to also bring in the new in our lives. I think we all are ready for this.

We must remember that these energetic shifts are part of our dance with the Cosmic Intelligence, yet we, as Humans, are given the ability of transcendence and we can go beyond all duality. What seems difficult will become our strength and what seems easy and graceful is the Miracle, the gifts we are blessed with.

As we approach the Equinox, a Portal of expansion of our energy fields and an opportunity to access galactic information and Soul Remembrance, let us remember that we are Infinity.

What I love about Biblical Gnostic Astrology is that we open up to understand the cause of everything.

We are born on a certain day and hour when the dance of the celestial rays create a mathematical harmony with our individual karma. The configuration created is of karmic influences that we ourselves have set into motion. We select our Karmic Destiny, not he stars and planets themselves.

As we are connected to absolutely everything, the sky, the sun, the heavens, the trees, humanity, the planets, working with the Cosmic Intelligence is meant to be a conscious communication where 2 parts are influencing each other. As a planet moves into a different sign or as certain planets may be in our different houses, we are meant to navigate this with the wisdom of co-creation.

The Stellar rays do have an effect on us and directly on our chakra system, for this reason our body and mind must be strong, so that we can work with the stellar rays instead of being controlled or possessed by them.

There are also very benefic moments in the celestial realm of the stars and planets that we can use to work with as well to bring beauty into our lives. When we witness the difficult placements in our chart, this is a karmic imprint that we must work with. When we see the benefic placements in our chart, here we have been gifted by Alaha for our good actions and the intentions of Love - Light that we hold.

Mother Mary has a crown of stars over her head, 12, representing the zodiacal frequencies in their light and the Aramaic letters that created these zodiacal frequencies. As we transcend our own natal chart, we are activated with the creation codes that she holds as a crown above her head. This is the pure transcendence of duality and the reception of Light Creation.

Let us remember that Astrology is here to assist us on our inner journey, our incarnational experience, by helping us come into awareness that all is relationship. Cultivating a language with the objective universe and the cosmic intelligence will help us understand where growth is needed and where gratitude becomes a prayer.

The Following is written in The Essene Gospel of Peace:

And you shall bathe in the Stream of Sound, and the music of its waters shall flow over you; for in the beginning of the times so did we all share in the Holy Stream of Sound that gave birth to all creation. And the mighty roaring of the Stream of Sound will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might. Then breathe deeply of the angel of air, and become the sound itself, that the Holy Stream of Sound may carry you to the endless kingdom of the Heavenly, there where the rhythm of the world rises and falls.

We are the Stream of Sound. We are the Music of Creation. We are the Rhythm of the World.


Ana Otero

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