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Pisces and Cosmic Love

Pisces - The NUN Frequency The fish is the most sacred symbol of primitive Gnostic Christianity.

Water, the feminine element of all creation, from which originates the divine letter - vibration MEM.

In Gnostic Christianity the Aramaic Letter MEM represents the eternal Mother Space, the profound waters of the abyss.

Mem reminds us of the deep ocean of Pisces. The Womb of nothingness, from which everything emanates and to which everything returns.

Through MEM the NUN is born. NUN is the aramaic letter that created the Wisdom Codes of the Divine Feminine presence manifested through Yeshua.

Pisces is the Divine Child born from Divine Union. The love of loves, the mystical Passion of the eternal husband and the divine wife.

During this Portal we are infinite. We are blessed by the good fortune of Jupiter and the Soul remembrance activated by Neptune.

During the PORTAL of Pisces, chanting and toning are so important. The following sounds will activate the Spinal Chord and awaken the Holy Dragon Energy.

IS causes the pineal and pituitary glands to vibrate. Brow and Crown Chakra.

EE activates the thyroid gland, which secretes the biological iodine. Throat Chakra.

AAH activates the heart chakra, allowing us to be part of the infinite creation story and also activates the Hathor Chamber within our hearts.

NUN creates a vessel within our bodies so we can receive the DIVINE Feminine Wisdom Codes.

HEI activates the communion of the SOUL with the physical body.

MEM activates the WOMB Chakra, activating the Waters of Life and the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Presence.

SHIN activates the fire of the Holy Spirit within us.

From my book the Cosmic Maryam.

Ana Otero Image is from my New Oracle Deck Magdalene Frequencies that will be available in July HAPPY PISCES PORTAL


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