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Pisces and the Key to the Divine Feminine Wisdom

“Stay, Lady Soul.”

“What do you bid of me, Lord?”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Lord what will happen to me then?”

“Lady Soul, you are utterly formed to my nature

That not the slightest thing can be between you and me.”

“Lord now I am a naked soul

And you in yourself are a well adorned God.

Our shared lot is eternal life

Without death.”

Then a blessed stillness

That both desire comes over them

He surrenders himself to her

And she surrenders herself to him.

Mechtild of Magdeburg 13C

As we enter in the Pisces Portal, I delight in the knowing that it is a moment to engage in the matters of the soul. Not so much about diving deep into the unknown, it is more about diving into what the soul knows: Oneness, Divine Union, the Mystical Marriage with Alaha.

It is a time for forgiveness, compassion, empathy, innocence, love and Devotion. As we connect to something greater than the self, we trust in the unfolding of what we are to experience in our lives. We surrender to the moment, our hearts open, and long for the Mystical Marriage with the Divine. As we are embraced by the light, our thirst is quenched.

We are given the opportunity to connect to the Creative Channel, to Alaha, more than ever, as creativity is the language that Pisces knows. This is the language of the Soul.

The Divine Connection that Pisces brings transcends all barriers of identity, race, color, gender, social status. All is one, and you and I, are one, merged into to unified field of Love.

Pisces represents The NUN Frequency.

Nun in Aramaic is the letter connected to Yeshua, and means fish. The fish is the most sacred symbol of primitive Gnostic Christianity. The fish represents the Key, the entrance, the Cosmic Yoni, the initiation of the Divine Feminine Wisdom Codes we all must go through to reach the MEM: Water, the feminine element of all creation.

In Gnostic Christianity the Aramaic Letter MEM represents the eternal Mother Space, the profound waters of the abyss, the Black Madonna, the Cosmic Womb.

Mem reminds us of the deep ocean of Pisces. The Womb of nothingness, from which everything emanates and to which everything returns.

Pisces is the Divine Child born from Divine Union. The love of loves, the mystical Passion of the eternal husband and the divine wife.

The Sacred Mantra is ABWOON: the container that holds the Divine Mother Father. This is also the first word of the Lord´s Prayer in Aramaic.

During this Portal we are infinite. We are blessed by the good fortune of Jupiter and the Soul remembrance activated by Neptune.

During the PORTAL of Pisces, chant and tone the Abwoon and all sacred chants and light language.

I am happy and grateful to know that in this Lunar Cycle, I am free to be in the Chaos of Creation and in the world of dreams. Accessing Creation is a great gift, let us all release the burdens and heaviness and delight in the infinity and relaxation of the eternal waters of Love Creation.


Ana Otero

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