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Reality Resides within the Heart

 It is in the very nature of existence to grow, to evolve, to transform. Yet, amidst this ceaseless evolution, there are moments when you might find yourself in stagnation, burdened by a heaviness that anchors you to the ground with the sense of being chained. This feeling of being stuck, of being unable to move forward, is a manifestation of our perceived obstacles – those silent, shadowy blocks that loom in our path.

These obstacles, however, are not just barriers; they are invitations to introspection. They ask us to embrace stillness, to dive into the quietude of our being, and to reflect. It is in this sacred space of reflection where we can discern the habitual patterns and beliefs that have silently governed our life. These patterns, once useful, might now be the very chains that bind us to the past, preventing our growth.

As you begin the process of unraveling and discarding these obsolete belief systems, a liberation occurs. This liberation is not just the freedom from old patterns, but the birth of a new, enlightened foundation. It is a transformative process where awareness becomes your ally. Being cognizant of the structures in your life that are crumbling gives you the foresight and wisdom to navigate change. What may initially appear as ruin and rubble becomes the fertile soil from which the seeds of your true potential can sprout and flourish.

In this journey, remember that reality is not a construct of the external world, but it resides within the heart. Illusion, on the other hand, is the creation of the mind, a mirage that often distorts and obscures. When you step beyond the confines of human limitations imposed by the mind and open your heart in its entirety, your perception undergoes a profound transformation. Your vision shifts, and you begin to see with the eyes of the heart – a vision that is unclouded by the veils of illusion.

The Ego is Finite and can only see limits.

The Soul is Infinite and can only experience Expansion.

Seeing with the heart ignites the Holy Flame within you, a divine fire that expands your being, allowing you to contain and radiate a sacred warmth and light. This awakening also stirs the Well of Wisdom nestled in your heart, and you begin to remember – remember the truths long forgotten, the wisdom that lies dormant within you.

Empowered by this Holy Fire, you become a co-creator of realities, lovingly and passionately bringing them into existence. This is not just an act of creation; it is a dance of co-creation with the Cosmic Intelligence, where your love, your passion, your heart's fire molds and shapes the world around you. It is here, in this sacred communion with the Divine, that you realize your true potential, your true purpose, and the boundless capacity of your heart to transform, to heal, and to love.

"Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All." - Gospel of Thomas, Saying 2

This teaching from the Gospel of Thomas resonates deeply with the journey of self-discovery and transformation. It speaks to the relentless pursuit of truth and understanding, highlighting the inevitable challenges and "astonishments" that accompany such a quest. Just as the writing suggests, the process of releasing old beliefs and embracing new realities is often fraught with turmoil. Yet, it is through this very turmoil that one gains profound insights and wisdom, ultimately leading to a greater mastery over one's life and surroundings.

 Shekhinah, the indwelling presence of the Divine, is not static but dynamic and flowing, embodying the very essence of movement and life.

Shekhinah is often associated with the earthly realm and the immanence of Alaha - God, bringing the spiritual into the physical world. This movement from the higher to the lower, from the abstract to the concrete, mirrors the journey described in the Gospel of Thomas – a journey of seeking, finding, becoming troubled, and ultimately gaining mastery and astonishment.

Connecting Shekhinah to the idea that "movement is Life," we find a profound teaching on the nature of the Divine Feminine. Shekhinah teaches us that spiritual growth and enlightenment are not achieved through static contemplation alone but through active engagement with the world. This movement – whether it is the journey within ourselves to release outdated beliefs or the outward actions we take to manifest new realities – is a fundamental aspect of life and a reflection of the Divine.

Shekhinah's movement teaches us that change and transformation are inherent parts of the Divine plan. Just as She moves through the world, we too are encouraged to embrace change, to flow with the rhythms of life, and to see movement, both internal and external, as a pathway to spiritual growth. In this light, our personal journeys of transformation are not just self-improvement exercises; they are sacred acts that align us with the Divine Feminine, allowing us to embody and express the life-giving, nurturing, and creative aspects of Shekhinah.

Thus, in the movement of Shekhinah, we find a divine template for our own lives. She guides us to understand that our struggles and triumphs, our periods of stillness and phases of action, all contribute to the grand dance of creation, where every step, every turn, every leap is infused with the sacred energy of life itself. In this dance, we are not just passive recipients of divine wisdom but active participants in the unfolding of the Divine plan, co-creating with Shekhinah in a world that is constantly in motion, constantly evolving, constantly alive.

Remember to extend gentleness to yourself in times of change and growth. Recognize that the changes and movements within your life are birthed from within, from your innermost being, and not dictated by external circumstances or by comparing your path to others' expectations.

Every step you take is precisely where you need to be at this moment. Just as the writing and teachings of the Divine Feminine remind us, your movement, your growth, your transformation are all part of a greater, inward journey.

Embrace the place you are in now with trust and faith. Trust in the process of your own becoming, in the natural progression of your soul's evolution. This process is uniquely yours – it cannot be rushed, nor should it be measured against anyone else's journey. You are exactly where you are meant to be, moving in rhythm with the inner guidance of your spirit.

Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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