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Reflections from the Bridal Chamber

The path of the Feminine Christ restores the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine both in union to give birth to the Divine Child, created from a holistic template of unity.

The Feminine Christ is here, as prophesied, to unite in Sacred Marriage the Divine Love of the spirit, with the sensual and primordial Love of the incarnated kingdom of matter. She reminds us that the highest and deepest sacrament is love and brings medicine for the healing of our wounds of separation and suffering. In her Cosmic Womb, the Feminine Christ dissolves our wounds of man against woman, humanity against Mother Earth, darkness against light. The Feminine Christ reveals her bride's face so that we can remember who we really are and celebrate a world of life, renewal, communion, collaboration, unity and creativity.

She reminds us of our longing to belong, the longing to be one.

The Union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene leads us to the resurrection through love. When their union creates the template of the “Divine Son”, they create a new history of human consciousness and potential.

This sacred marriage of opposites is at the heart of the Mysteries of Christ, and takes place within the Bridal Chamber.

Everyday relationships also evoke this initiation of the Bridal chamber. Placing our intimate relationships at the center of our spiritual altar creates a paradigm shift. Our daily life becomes the practice. The day to day details of our relationships become a rosary for meditation and prayer, bringing deep alchemical healing, humility and sacredness. The longing of our hearts to be deeply touched by a love with an embodied soul becomes a beacon of light.

When we enter the Bridal Chamber, we are not measured by how enlightened we are or how perfect we are. We are called to live the question: How much can I open my heart to love?


By Ana Otero


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