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Rise in the Dawn of a New Day

There is something so powerful about aligning with the cycles. As I say and write many times, cycles are prophetic and when we align with the cycles something is revealed to us.

Yet we rarely consecrate the different cycles throughout the day.

In the biblical calendar, the moment the sun goes down, the day is over. Whatever we experienced during that day now belongs to the past, to yesterday. When the sun sets, we have an opportunity to release all that is old in our life. We have an opportunity to reflect on what part of the day we choose to release. We have an opportunity to exalt the moments of that day that were magical, joyous, healing and silent.

When we embrace the sunset, we rise in the dawn of a new day, thus we are given the opportunity of a new start before we dive into our restful sleep. When we bring a prayer, an intention, or just a moment of mindfulness to our sunset, our sleep becomes a moment of stepping into the womb of silence and our subconscious no longer holds the old, our subconscious holds the new.

The Following is a beautiful Prayer to Mary Magdalene for a Restful Sleep. This prayer is in the Mary Magdalene Prayer Book that is digital and that you can purchase in the Online School. Click here.

As my Day passes into night, I reflect upon all that has been accomplished,

I call upon you Lady Magdalene,

As I go forth with ease into a restful and peaceful sleep

Kallah Messiah, I pray that you might give charge to Gabriel,

That I may be blessed with dreams and visions of light and beauty,

No longer bound by the illusory world,

I call that your Divine spirit move through me and bless me in my repose.

As I surrender into my sleep I envision you kallah Messiah standing above my head,

filling my heart with the spiritual sun.

I pray that I shall come to repose in you.

All that has been delivered and accomplished through me today I offer up to you, Holy One.

May this restful and healing sleep take me into the birth of a new day and to awaken into the True Light.



Ana Otero

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