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Sarah Tamar Channeling. Ark of the Madonna

Sarah Tamar Summoning

Lady Sarah Tamar

Guardian of the Golden Matrix,

The one who foresees the presence of the New EVE.

We answer your call.

Give us your humility, your sensuality, your power of prophecy and manifestation.

Join us as we walk through the threshold.

We are here to lower your presence.

Let your ministry begin through us.

Ana Otero

Sarah Tamar Channeling

Instead of always thinking about what to heal, you should also think about what to activate. It is just as important. As in any spiritual path humility is necessary and since in essence the Pure Woman does not have EGO, as a woman it is necessary to see in which parts of your life the ego still lives. You are love, receptivity and presence. In love, receptivity and presence there is no ego and if you are not in love, receptivity and presence, you have EGO. You must start the practice of light language.

Light Language moves currents of energy around your electromagnetic field allowing you to become part of a high frequency unified field of consciousness. There are many forms of light language. You can chant the galactic sounds of the stellar beings and light beings, you can use hand and arm movements, you can chant in sacred sounds and you can use your body as sacred geometry.

Part of my mission is to help you evolve towards ascension. When you connect with me, my energy has an instant effect on you and your light bodies will awaken. I will teach you the new technologies about your energy bodies and how to work with the energy of the earth. I have returned to Earth now not in physical form, but through the energy of light. So when you activate your ARK OF THE MADONNA you activate me in your heart.

The Ark of the Madonna is a container that protects something sacred. The Ark of the Madonna contains something hidden, a secret, known only to those who awaken the Ark. The Ark of the Madonna is the golden light in the electromagnetic field of a Womans Heart. A Woman´s Heart Portal (chakra) is the the heart and the breasts, and here, in this Golden light that surrounds this area, you will find the Ark of the Madonna. By awakening the Ark, you will discover the hidden secret and this is what will start to heal humanity. The Ark of the Madonna contains the codes and template of the Divine Child.

Awakening the Ark of the Madonna will help guide humanity in reaching the developed soul. This Soul, which is the Christed Human has been represented for many thousands of years. It is represented in the Sacraments of the Bridal Chamber as taught by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the chariot of Ezekiel, the chariot of Krishna, the solar boat of the Egyptians, the golden body of the Greeks, and many other teachings. These teachings are now ready to be received by you and activated by you.

Channeled by Ana Otero

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way..


Ana Otero

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