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Sarah Tamar Channeling. Purification and Rebirth.

I am Sarah Tamar

I come to you today with a message of purification and rebirth.

With the world turned upside down, with so much going on outside of you that you cannot control, it’s the perfect time to truly set free what no longer serves you. The light is pouring in and at the same time, the shadows grow, and the veil between your world and the spirit realm and other dimensions is at its thinnest. There is a new electrical charge in the air. This electrical charge is an energy of clearing, cleaning, and preparation. Nature is about to take back within herself what has been taken from her inappropriately. She will send her spirit soldiers to retrieve what is no longer respected. This is your moment to make a grand reconciliation with what has been given to you. Say thank you by committing to your role as a Divine Human. You are one with the energy of your planet. You have been given the gift of life and a Divine relationship with Mother Earth. Feel her, listen to her heart beat, love her, speak to her, be in relationship with her.

The cycle of the world is finally aligning with the Prophecy. The Prophecy of the liberation of the soul through love. I want you to start experiencing love through vibration and action. Through the embodiment of love you become the energy of creation. Creation implies for you to be the creator and the created and in the silence between the two you will emerge as the Human born of Heaven free of karma. My father Yeshua never spoke of sin to scare his community. He spoke of sin as the lack of responsibility to recognize your Great and Creative Nature.

There’s a quiet about the death of the old collective behavior, a permanence, that may terrify you, and yet, it’s so completely unavoidable, beautiful and significant. Now you need to figure out how to die so that the new life that is created is free from this toxic cycle of karma.

As you journey through the portal to the other side, remember to harvest the wisdom in the process of facing your past fears. When you bury something with the knowledge of what you are burying and salvage the wisdom of what has been experienced, this death can actually feed and nourish the new intentions of life.

Slow down, be still, and listen. It’s from the listening that you can attune to the divine message you have been blessed with.

Channeled by Ana Otero

May the Magdalene Flame guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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