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Sarah Tamar Channeling. The Sacred Geometry of Matter

Light and sound are the beginning of all creation. Creation at some point takes the form of matter. What you see that is a physical manifestation is the encoding of sacred geometry coming together to create matter, and it is sound that creates this Sacred Geometry. Sink into the union of Matter and Spirit in your body and listen to the infinite sound of creation moving through you. This was, is and will be the first spark of creation.

Everything that is made manifest has an energy form to it. That form grows within you, it is molded into its completed form through you. Humanity has been creating through imbalance. To begin the healing process, the Divine Feminine presence must be restored in Women and Men. To restore HER PRESENCE, you must receive her, you must be open and allow her into her dwelling place, which is your body Temple.

She will show you that it is not about building the new world , it is about being the New World, being the Frequency that you are called to contain in this moment, which is love. The frequency, the vibration, your sound, will create the matrix that will be transformed into matter, into a living reality.

You are on the planet to live life as Human and Divine, You are here to bring new continuous life, you are the eternal well of water that births new creations infinitely. When you know this, there will be no duality within you.

The Divine Mother - Father wants to be birthed every day through you.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero


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