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Sarah Tamar Message: Dragons and the Blue Rose

The ancient dragon energies are stirring the planet and humanity. These primordial forces, embodying the fierce and protective love of creation, are reawakening to guide you through a profound ascension.

The world is on the cusp of a spiritual revolution, where the powerful vibrations of the dragon energies serve as anchors for celestial light. This influx of energy is not without its shadows; indeed, it calls forth the darkest aspects within the manifested realm and within yourselves. This is a divine call to action, an opportunity to confront and transform these shadows into light.

Now more than ever, the Blue Rose, woven into my lineage by my mother, Mary Magdalene, holds the key to transcending these challenges. The codes of the Blue Rose are encoded with the potency to heal, to forgive, and to dissolve the illusions of duality. Within each petal lies a pathway to deep, transformative love.

You are invited to embrace the Blue Rose Template, which is being activated in the manifested realms with unprecedented power. Through acts of goodness, compassion, and love, you can activate and embody the essence of the Blue Rose in your own heart. This is a journey of personal awakening and a collective evolution towards a world where love reigns supreme. The Blue Rose represents the template of divine union, embodying the flowers that grow within the waters of the Garden of Eden. It is the healing medicine of cosmic creation, holding not only the infinite potential of the Cosmic Womb but also the infinite purity of the Cosmic Heart. Through this sacred vibration, you will connect to the deepest truths of existence, awakening the power to heal and unify.

Let forgiveness be your guide as you navigate this time of shadows and light. Forgive not only others but also yourselves, and allow the dragon energies to lead you into the most powerful transformation. As you open the doors to the chamber of your heart, you will rediscover the divine blueprint that I, along with my parents, have nurtured through the ages.

Rise with the dragons.

Heal with the Blue Rose.

Create a legacy of light for generations to come.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

Today is Day 2 of our Miriam´s Well 9 Day Devotional Journey. Let us continue to be healed, purified, awakened by the infinite Waters of the Well. Our Soul is being revealed. CLICK HERE if you would still like to join. The Temple doors will close very soon.

This Friday we gather for our online Magdalene Pesach Shabbat. Click here to register.

New Offering: Mysteries of the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary. So many of you have registered for this magical self - paced course and I thank you for the lovely reflections that you have sent. CLICK HERE to read more about this experience and to register.

If you would like to connect more with Sarah Tamar, at The Desert Rose Mystery School we offer:

Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing. CLICK HERE

Sarah Tamar Codes of Infinity. CLICK HERE

Aurea Lara, Magdalene Priestess, Healer and part of the Desert Rose Mystery School, will be offering a Sound Alchemy Training. To read more about this CLICK HERE.

Sending love to all of you as we continue to journey through this powerful Pesach Portal.


Ana Otero

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