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Sarah Tamar Message: Journey of Ascension

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Beloved Children of the Earth,

This is Sarah Tamar, daughter of the Magdalene and the Christ. I am reaching out to you from the realms of light to share the message of profound transformation and ascension that the Earth and all her children are currently experiencing.

You are entering a pivotal phase in your collective journey, one characterized by an increasing electrical charge pulsating through your planetary home. This charge is a divine frequency, cosmic love, intended to stir your souls, awaken your hearts, and align you with the higher frequencies of your true existence.

You may feel this energy as a tingling in your body, a sudden rush of inspiration, or a deep yearning for unity and peace. Know that these sensations are signs of your own ascension, your own evolution in response to the cosmic call.

Yet, in this journey of ascension, challenges are inevitable. The intensified energy can create turbulence as it seeks to harmonize with your present state. This is where I am called to assist. I am here to serve as a bridge, guiding you through these profound changes, helping you transmute this energy, to navigate it with grace, faith, and ease.

To harness this energy and ascend to your higher selves, it is essential that you achieve alchemical marriage within your hearts - the harmonious union of all polarities. The masculine and feminine, light and dark, spirit and matter, all must be acknowledged, loved, and united. Only then can the new race of light, the next phase of human evolution, be birthed in its full glory.

Let the energy flowing into your planet assist you in this unification. Embrace the process of balancing and integrating these polarities within you. Recognize the sacredness in each aspect of your being and in the world around you. As you unite these polarities, you become a beacon of balanced energy, a conduit for the divine light.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Call upon me, and I shall guide and aid you. Navigate these transformative times, rising in unity and love, birthing the new Earth that awaits you.

Briytha D´noohra

Briytha D´noohra

Briytha D´noohra

(Light Creation)

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

In this image I am holding the Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes I channeled in 2017.


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