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Sarah Tamar Message: Knowing Our Role on Earth

To experience infinity you must know that as long as your Soul is in your body, you are rooted in the Eternal Space. You may sense that you are limited because the body is finite, yet in your essence you are spaceless. If you are rooted in Infinity, you are rooted in the Light, which is your home. Your Soul carries this Light and has carried it in different incarnations. Depending on your incarnations, your Soul has accessed and expressed this Light in different ways.

Your Soul returns to complete what is not completed, to fix and mend that which is broken. Your Soul also returns to experience new lessons that add to your growth and evolution.

Most Souls on the planet are old Souls, which means that they have lived many lifetimes, returning to Earth in different incarnations. There rarely has been new souls in the past, as New Souls were sent for powerful transitions for the Healing of Humanity.

Yet in this moment, many New Souls are coming to the Planet. They hold the highest vibration and love and they have come here to assist you in the powerful transition happening on Earth. Humanity must heal, evolve, go into a higher frequency, and this is why these souls are being sent to the planet.

These Souls are the purest form of Light and they are here to share this Light. They come to teach you a spiritual perception so you may become aware of your Soul and how She can create the story of your life.

You are probably asking yourself, Where can I meet a New Soul? You probably already have, and remember, they are here to anchor an energy, an energy that is being anchored in you as you listen to these words. Their light surrounds you as you have decided to awaken in this lifetime.

Knowing that you have a role on Earth is essential for you to understand that you came here to cultivate holy intentions for delivering your purpose.When you know your Divine Role, you are an inspiration for others to REMEMBER their Divine Role.

Know that you are guided by me, the Lineage of Light and Holy Teachers on Earth. Know that my Children of the Light are surrounding you, humanity and the Planet so the journey back to remembrance is accelerated.

Remember that the Soul is a piece of Alaha, a piece of the Light.


Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

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Image from my New Desert Rose Oracle Deck which will be released very soon. Artist: Gabriel Icka M. The Image is Partially Visible, as there is a lot more to her.


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