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Sarah Tamar. The Blue Rose

I am Sarah Tamar and today I come to speak to you about the Blue Rose that is activating the Healing of your heart and elevating the frequency that you emit from your heart. As my words speak to you, know that they are reaching you through vibration and that the very sounds of these words are activating and upgrading your DNA.

My mother Mary Magdalene is the Body of Christ and she holds the template of a new bloodline being activated on earth. She is awakening your spiritual royalty and the Divine Mother energies in you.

The Earth and its energetic grid lines are being prepared for the total coming of the Magdalene Christ Light. My work for my mother is the awakening of the crystalline structures. I carry the vibration of my mother´s voice in my heart and breath and all the seeds and codes she activated during her ministry are being awakened by her breath within my breath.

The voice of my Mother is a voice of strength and power so as to burn away the old structures and lead you away from slavery and into freedom, into your SOUL Sovereignty.

Quiet and still the mind. Receive the holy chalice of blessings that dwells within. Have Faith, although much upheaval is happening on the Earth and in Humanity to give way to the presence of the Blue Light that will allow you to reach a height of Unity never experienced before in your history as you know it.

I am the Blue Child. I am the Blue Princess and I come to you to help you awaken and elevate your energy. When you have reached the frequency of the Blue Rose, the Sacred Marriage contract will be awakened. You will remember that you are a Child of the Abwoon and the path of the NEW WAY will be revealed to you.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero


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