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Sarah Tamar. The Wise Serpent

Sarah Tamar Message:

Merge with the intense Silence that reigns in your heart. Remember that Silence is not an absence of something, it is a sanctification of your infinity. Align with your grace and be baptized in the fire and water of the Holy Spirit.

My Father taught the following:

“Be as wise as the Serpent, and as innocent as the Dove.”

It is in the ​S​phere of the Serpent that ​you enter into this world. ​You are in the world, but not a part of it. If ​you fail to exalt the Serpent, ​She​ no longer represents Wisdom but becomes ​the offspring of Satan.

When ​you cleanse yourself of toxic behaviour and patterns of separation within the sphere of the serpent you enter into your infinity, the heart, and you are greeted by the angels. To enter into this space you must look at the shadows and demons that are yours, dance with them and transform them.It is in this space that you will find the doorway into the Sphere of the Dove and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Remember that the depths that you dare to penetrate within yourself are proportional to how high you want to travel in your ASCENT.​


(Praise Holy Wisdom)

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

The image is from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards. Artist: Gabriel Icka. This is Sarah Tamar and the Gypsy Rose. These Oracle Cards will have their pre-launch and pre-sale soon.


Ana Otero

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