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Sarah Tamar: The Womb of Light

In 2017 I received through Sarah Tamar the Infinity Codes. These Codes are a Light Language in specific visual codes that contain a transmission. Each Code contains powerful wisdom teachings that guide us in the embodiment of our Infinity.

What does it mean to be infinite? To be infinite means that we know that we were part of the In the Beginning and this first moment of Creation is still happening within us. As we embody this knowing, we are infused with Light Energy and a sense of commitment and responsibility towards our incarnation is experienced.

There is no end to the creation power you hold. There is no end to how much you can love. There is no end to how much you can serve. You are Infinite, just as Alaha is the Eternal One. If we are made in the image of the Divine, it stands to reason that our true nature mirrors that infinite potential. We are not mere mortals bound by time and space but eternal spirits with the power to shape, love, serve, and transcend.

This specific Infinity Code is the Womb of Light. On the top part of the Code is Yeshua´s Menorah, each arm symbolizing an activation:

CHESED/AHAVA – Love in service. Actions of grace, of kindness, of commitment. Sacred Service.

GEVURAH – Strength and discipline. Allowing light to balance out karma.

TIFERET – Harmony, compassion, beauty. Awakening of the Feminine Heart.

NETZAH – Victory of the Soul. Spiritual awakening. Our Soul leading us.

HOD – Devotion and humility. Purity of heart and Soul.

YESOD – The energetic womb, that awakens the Virgin Womb, the Magdalene Womb. Creating from the purity of the Soul, not from karma. Together, they activate the seal of Salomon, the unity of our masculine and feminine.

The second image is the Seal of Solomon, awakened and activated once the 6 activations of Yeshua´s Menorah birth this unity.

The last symbol that is visible is the Nun with the Sacred Cross in the Middle. This is the fish, the Cosmic Yoni, the entrance into the Feminine Light.

These 3 activations together are a Trinity within themselves and when we meditate on this Sarai Infinity Code, the Magdalene Womb of Light is awakened. This is the Womb of Light Conception, the Womb of Divine Union, the Womb of the Divine Human who holds the Light. This is the Christed Womb.

Meditate on this Sarai Infinity Code and the Maryams, the Priestesses of the Light, will guide you, heal you, and your womb space will be restored and regenerated.

The sacred mantra in Aramaic that you can chant is: Rakhme d´Noohra.

Message from Sarah Tamar

Beloved one,

I am Sarah Tamar. I come to you in Light and Victory.

Victory is not won on the battlefields of the world but within the soul. When the soul awakens and takes charge, leading you towards your destiny, this is the true triumph. It is a celebration of spirit over matter, of the ethereal over the transient.

Your journey towards Victory will also bring you to moments of profound devotion and humility. This is the purity of heart and soul, where you bow in front of the Divine with no pretense or masks. In these moments, the heart becomes a mirror, reflecting only the truth.

Your energetic foundation is your Womb Space. This is where creation begins. It is in this sacred space that you commune with and become the purity of creation, devoid of past imprints and unburdened by karmic cycles. Your Womb of Light is the sacred realm of creation and rebirth. When you create from this space, you are not bound by the past karmic cycles, fears or separation, you create with the true Light of the Divine that manifests through you.

The path of the soul is both profound and delicate. When you emanate actions, words, presence and true love from the heart, containing grace, kindness, and soul commitment., you begin to give yourself fully to the Divine purpose.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero

May this code guide you into receiving the Light of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in your Womb Space.

For those interested in working with the Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes CLICK HERE.

If you would like to participate in the 11-11 Sarah Tamar Dragon Queen Awakening CLICK HERE.

Have a radiant day. Thank you for your presence.


Ana Otero

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