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Sarah Tamar. Your Signature frequency

I am Sarah Tamar and today I come to deliver a message about your Signature Frequency.

The soul is an infinite frequency creating sound within infinity. When you truly experience and know the infinite vibration that you hold, you will begin to realize the eternal nature of the spirit. Your finite mind will not fully comprehend this as the dimensions within which these vibrations function are formless, unlimited, and infinite. When you experience the infinite vibration of your sound you will have a blissful and divine experience through the multidimensional frequencies of your soul.

Did you know that there is a powerful Mystery hidden in your name? This is called your signature frequency. You chose your name before you came here, it was not your earth parents, and this is the signature of your frequency. You may not know this because most of the time you hear your name through other people. How many times throughout the day do you chant or say your name?

Your basic essence is vibrational in nature and so it is inevitable that the sound of your name has an impact on you. Conscious intention is encoded within every word and sound that is uttered, so you are and have been affected by the sound resonated to you through your name.

As a child you are very vulnerable because children are open, their energy fields have no boundaries, so the intention and emotional state encoded when someone uttered your name as a child will have stayed with you until you align with your signature frequency. Many of you may feel the need to change your name because intuitively you feel a disconnect with your name. Yet you must always reclaim and align with your signature frequency first as changing a name creates a total disruption in your sound frequency and one must be prepared energetically to go through a name change during the incarnation. Though a name change may shift a frequency and help you to feel better, it doesn´t change or release stored frequencies from the past. Yes, your name holds stored frequencies and programs by those who have said your name with certain intentions and those who have projected their beliefs on you and defined you by their beliefs. Some of these frequencies are beautiful and some of these need to be cleansed and released.

Think of how your name has been vibrated during your childhood. There were moments of love, of scolding, of joy, of sadness. Think of how people utter your name in this present moment. And how do you use your voice to say your name?

You must heal your name. You must re-align with your signature frequency. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to breath with awareness and when the body and mind are calm, allow your voice to vibrate your name. Allow your sound to be infinite by toning your name. Do this for a few minutes and then be in silence to feel the vibration of your name. What is your name telling you?

As you claim your signature frequency, the voice of the soul will be free again to create, heal, manifest and construct.

The knower of the mystery of his-her name will come to know the mystery of sound creation and thus will know the mystery of the whole universe.

Sarah Tamar

Channeled by Ana Otero


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