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Say Her Name

Mahsa Amini

You are in our prayers and we feel your energy and presence from the Ethers.

Kallah Messiah brings her presence down even greater to the Earth and the Divine Feminine presence rises. Those who perpetuate hatred and fear and control will be consumed by the Light.

We must continue to pray for Mahsa Amini and all of the Men and Women voicing the cruel crime of her death.

Her Mother has asked the world to say her name, to pray her name and to not forget what has happened to her.

She was born on July 22. She dies at the age of 22 in 2022. In Essene Numerology the day of her death represents the Aramaic Letter YOD, connected to John the Baptist. Just as he was killed by those in the Cult of Salome she was killed by the lawless, both groups living outside the LAW OF LIGHT . The YOD Aramaic Letter asks us urgently to cleanse the darkness in our womb space. In the Essene Numerology the year of her Death is the VAV. The Bridal Chamber that urges the unity of the Masculine and Feminine and the infinite Divine Feminine Presence that wants to awaken compassion and unconditional love in all of humanity.

If you have a moment today light a candle for her, a candle for Sisters and Brothers living in oppression, control and fear.

Shlom Lech Maryam

Malyaat Teyboot Moran Amech

Bshem Maryam

Bshem Maryam

Bshem Maryam



Ana Otero

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