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Scorpio in theBiblical Zodiac

In the Biblical Zodiac, Scorpio represents the Sting of God when the Collective of Humanity forgets to be grateful for all that we have been given. When Moses led the Hebrews out of their slavery in Egypt, once they were in the desert they complained that there was not enough Mana, they wanted the spicy food of Egypt and TRANSFORMATION from slavery into liberty was taking them out of their comfort zone. They wanted to go back to something easy. They were punished by spending 40 years in the Wilderness and they were told that they would die in the wilderness, that only their children would see the Promised Land, and so it was.

Scorpio represents:



Exploration of Fears

Power and Infinite Potential

Soul Growth

Soul Desire


Psychic Awareness

Emotional Depth

Kundalini Awakening

Collective Karma

Once we leave the scales, there is the Reward or the Punishment. This can easily be transcended through an act of gratitude and sense of responsibility for all that we have created. Let us be humble, grateful and go deep into the waters of transformation as we die in the old and are born into the new.

The Aramaic Letters associated with scorpio are:

Dalet , which created Mars, and Nun , which created the sign of Scorpio. Together, these two letters form the Aramaic word Din, which means “judgment.” Judgment can be cruel, harsh, and unfeeling. It can sometimes burn like fire. Combined with mercy, however, judgment has great healing potential.


Ana Otero

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