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September Alignment

Cycles speak to us, they are prophetic. When we are spiraling with the Cycles we know what is ahead, what to expect, what to look for and what to celebrate.

The New Moon in Virgo took us straight into the Month of Elul, which is the month of redemption, embodiment of the soul and the sustenance of the light.

The month of September is a changing of the seasons, and represents a new cycle in our lives. September represents the number 9 and we are asked to notice the spiritual side of us, we are asked to revisit the depths of our inner cave to know the goodness of our souls. We leave the head aside and listen to what is best for our hearts. We care and nurture our bodies and provide the comfort we need to go out into the world feeling good about ourselves.

Number 9 represents endings and beginnings and is a powerful number of compassion and intuition. It is a number that cultivates an Inner Life and that wants to be of service. Number 9 represents the astral body and the ability to move between dimensions.

This is a perfect cycle for

Taking care of our bodies.

Becoming physically strong so that we may purify and contain more Light.

Be of service.

Finish uncompleted tasks.

Have a good idea of where we are and where we want to go.

Take note of what needs healing in our lives.

Forgive ourselves, forgive others and move forward.

Step into the new journey that awaits us.

Reflect, pray, clean, purify and immerse ourselves in spiritual practice.

As Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th of September, we are asked to remain quiet and listen. Let us bring more silence into our lives so we can listen to the Light Beings and Angels that want to assist us. Whenever mercury goes retrograde it is a perfect time to work the Metatron. In my book Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose there is a chapter dedicated to the Essential Oil Angelica and Metatron.

On September 10th there is a Full Moon in Piscis allowing us to experience the Sacred Union of the Virgin with the Cosmic Womb. Our service to Alaha and our service to the Earthly world unite. This is a powerful axis of polarity that activates the Black Madonna and the Lover and the Beloved.

On the 22-23 the Sun enters Libra and we go straight into the Equinox. The equinoxes and solstices are powerful portals of DNA upgrading. Also, the electromagnetic field of our planet opens and souls who have transitioned but have not yet gone to the Light due to their earthly attachments can now go into the Light. The Equinox is a portal for praying as there is so much energetic balance of polarities. We can use this to our benefit.

On the 25th we celebrate a new lunar cycle in Libra bringing our attention to relationships after doing some deep inner work in the previous cycle of Virgo.

The month finishes with Venus entering Libra, its ruling sign, making for some beautiful harmonious energy.

At the Desert Rose Mystery School (previously called Mary Magdalene Mystery School) we will be honoring and being in Devotion to the Black Madonna.

The Black Madonna is Dark and calls us to the darkness.The ground of the soul is dark and the Black Madonna invites us into the dark and therefore into our depths. This is what the mystics call the “inside” of things, the essence of things. This is where Divinity lies.

The Desert Rose Mystery School is part of Ahava University which is currently in the making. The reason why I changed the name of the Mystery School is that I truly feel I have been called to deliver the teachings of the Desert Rose, guided by in this present moment Feminine Christ Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene.

Let us remember in this cycle of Elul, the Virgo Lunar Cycle, that when we are in prayer we are in union with the Holy one and our problems often spontaneously fall away and self liberate. Many problems, duality and fears arise in our surface consciousness but in our inner being we are complete and whole. Prayer brings us to the delightful remembrance of what we truly are and with prayer we embody the purity of our souls.

May we be blessed as we journey together in this Cycle of Elul and the month of September that awaits us.

Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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