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Serving Our Soul Essence

In the Hymn of the Marymas, the Priestesses of Light, a prayer known in Christianity as the Magnificat, there is a word in Aramaic that stands out. One of the greatest gifts I experienced in 2022 and continue to experience is the chanting of this Hymn- Prayer every day.

Makikh is a word that is only said once in the prayer, yet it contains such a powerful teaching and activation. Makikh means to be humble, generous, in service, compassionate, willing to cooperate, free of prejudice, understanding of other people´s situations. Makikh is the light that tames the EGO.

The Ego either serves to keep us in our toxic programming, in separation or in our minds, or the ego constantly looks for instant gratification, recognition, influence, and attention.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were great teachers in the transmissions of Makikh. They teach that the difference between a person living from the ego or serving the ego is different from a person who allows the ego to serve. The former wants to be rewarded and recognized, wants to fulfil that which makes him/her feel grandiose, desires for the sake of desiring without tuning into the holy intention of desire, creates more separation within himself – herself and in relationships.

When we allow the Ego to serve us, we channel the energy of the ego which essentially allows us to take action and ignite our inner fire for the purpose of living and being our true nature, who we really are as Soul Essence: LOVE.

When the Ego serves love, we commune with the Law of Light, and we activate what is known as the ME TI HEV. The Me Ti Hev is one of the activations of the 13 Petalled Rose and it means basically: ALL SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU. The awakening of the Me Ti Hev within us brings us into a powerful co-creative relationship with Alaha (Divine Mother/Father - Source - Sacred Unity).

Take time to meditate on the Makikh and the transmissions of Makikh. You can chant this word in Aramaic or you can do some Mala Recitations. The magic of Aramaic is that it is a Light Language and the transmission is experienced by embodying the word through sound, actually saying - chanting the word, and by embodying the word, its Sound Current will consciously bring us to express and deliver the teachings of this word.

Sending all of you much love and I thank you for your presence.


Ana Otero

The Desert Rose Mystery School

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