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Shabbat Blessings: The Wisdom of our Soul Phases

Venus - Shabbat Blessings to all of you in this beautiful Community.

Shabbat is a very ancient word which can mean Moon, Womb or the number 15. Within the Magdalene Shabbat teachings, spiraling with the cycles of the Moon is equivalent to spiraling with our human life journey. We experience many changes in our lives and we can recall our experiences being cyclical, reaching crescendos of enlightenment, inspiration and spiritual awareness, and then plummeting into the abyss of confusion, alienation, frustration and sadness. We experience Faith and hope, and then moments of disappointment and being stuck in our lives.

The Moon represents our incarnational experience and as we learn to cycle with HER, we expand and contract, we die and we are resurrected, we feel in total Divine Union and then we feel separation. This is the Human experience and when we honor the wisdom of our own personal Soul Phases, just like the Moon, we grow, we evolve and we expand in the infinite light that we truly are.

We must remember that the same forces that take us into the darkness will gradually take us into the light. Feeling low and uninspired is part of our aliveness as there is always an exhale before an inhale, a predawn dimness before the brightness of daylight, chaos and emptiness preceding the birth of renewal and creativity.

In the teachings of Magdalene Shabbat, there is always a shadow side to everything and the awareness of bringing all of our parts back together teaches us that the Shadow mirrors back to us what we feel we are lacking, what we may need to work on to help us move through the sense of separation.

Mary Magdalene as Queen of Shabbat in the Age of the Holy Spirit teaches us that we are inherently Unity, we are Divine Union. On this Shabbat - Venus Day we ask Mary Magdalene to guide us into understanding what feels out of balance and in separation within us. We give her thanks for the experience of duality within our human experience so we can remember Unity, and on this Venus Day, we celebrate our Essence of Oneness and we Celebrate that we are the Light of Creation. We bring in the Shekhina into our lives and the Divine Feminine presence is once again brought from exile into the dwelling Place of our Human Bodily Vessels and Experiences.

Shabbat - Venus Blessings to all of you.


Ana Otero

The Desert Rose Mystery School

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