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Shabbat Message: Ahava Love / Rachme Love

Aramaic Wisdom

Ahava: Love in Service, Love in Action

Rachme: The Pure Essence of Love, comes from the word Womb - Unconditional Love

Ahava Love continually looks for ways to bring about greater unity and oneness. Sometimes it may not begin from an unconditional and radiant place, as the Rachme love does. Ahava Love is a commitment to be here now and outer conditions and events act as a mirror, thus we learn through this mirror which parts of us need to be healed and unified. Ahava Love knows when to slay the demons or when to embrace the shadow with the tears of acceptance. Ahava Love strives to live in relation to everything from a place of purity and this purity requires commitment, devotion, service and action. Through the practice of Ahava Love we come into the essence of Rachme. Rachme love is the pure essence of love that has no form, no shape, no conditions. It is not bound to this world. It is the Pure Divine Love Essence that each and every one of us is on a soul level. Rachme will take us to the cosmic heart of the Abwoon (the Cosmic Mother - Father, the Breath of Life). Ultimately, AHAVA will lead us to RACHME.

Blessings on this Venus - Shabbat Day. Moon is in Capricorn and in the Sidqa Phase (Aramaic Technology of the Moon). This is the best time in the Lunar Cycle for Healing and Energetic Upgrades.

Sending all of you so much love and thank you for your presence.


Ana Otero

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