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Mary Magdalene Solstice Message

Ahava and Blessings

I would like to share the Message that we received yesterday from Mary Magdalene. I shared this message in our Solstice Community Gathering.

Blessings to all of you

On this day you are surrounded by the angels. The Light is stronger than ever so be open to this heavenly vibration. Pause for a moment and be at rest in your heart. This is your true home. Rest in your heart so you may open the doors to the Holy Spirit. She is meant to dwell within you, for without HER the Holy Fire cannot be activated within you.

I can see your infinite potential. In your incarnational experience sometimes it is needed for you to be stripped from everything you know and think you are, to see your own infinite potential and goodness. In this nakedness lies the power for you to rise as sovereign soul of absolute creative expression. For the Light to come in, you must be cracked open to allow it in, and at the same time your inner light must be ignited by the longing and desire you have to commune with Spirit.

If your heart doesn´t allow this Light to flow freely within you, this is death. Death is not only a physical state in which you transcend and your Soul returns to the unified field of consciousness, Death is also when you are asleep, when the Fire that wants to be ignited within your heart has no space to light itself.

You must know that even if you think that you have not been given or achieved what you want, you have been given what you need. What do you have in this moment? What has been given to you and how are you using it? Your infinite potential lies in how you create with what you have been given and what you have chosen.

You have incarnated on Earth to take risks, not just to stay in what you believe to be safe and comfortable for you. This risk does not involve danger, it involves change, courage, commitment, making decisions that are uncomfortable, and even not always making the right decision, for this is also necessary to learn and grow. Your time on Planet Earth in your present incarnation is not eternal. Start today to make possible that which needs to be created, that which needs to be crumbled into chaos so as to be reconstructed. Go outside amongst the trees and feel the heart of mother earth pulse beneath your feet. Jump, dance, scream, shake and throw yourself onto her. Awaken, do what you can to wake up from any form of DEATh which does not allow you to become the fullest expression of who you are. It is not about who you are meant to be, it is ABOUT WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Break the chains that are keeping you jailed in, held captive in the cages of Death. This is one of the demons I too had to slaughter. Life is filled with demons and we must recognize them.

Move forward, let go of the past that haunts you. The beautiful experiences that you have lived in the past and in previous lifetimes are stored in the great cosmic memory and they will come to you again if you need them for your next journey.

It is up to you to see all of the infinite possibilities you have at your reach. It is up to you to use what has been given to you to the greatest of your abilities, which is in essence to use them infinitely and allow them to expand and even evolve into somethings else.

I am here guding you. I am Kallah Messiah and you are my children. Reach out to me and I will help you step out of your hiding place so that you can find Alaha and Alaha can find you.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


You can also watch the video.

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