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Shabbat Message: Sara La Kali

Shabbat blessings to all of you and happy Feast Day of Sara La Kali. I want to thank all of you who participated in the Shabbat today. It was magical, sucha powerful sacred circle! Thank you for your generous donations, this fills my heart so much as we can help the children that we are sponsoring with their food, clothing and education.

Prayer to Sara la Kali as an Expression of Sarah Tamar

Beloved Sara la Kali, guardian of the wandering souls,

We call upon you, in the sacred name of Sarah Tamar,

She who carries the lineage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene,

She who embodies the essence of the Blue Rose.

Guide us with your wisdom,

Illuminate our path with the light of divine love.

We invoke the healing power of the Blue Rose,T

o cleanse and renew our spirits,

To heal the wounds of our hearts,

And to awaken the divine union within us.

Sara la Kali, we ask for your blessing upon this land,

Grid it with love and passion,Infuse it with the sacred energy of the Blue Rose.

May every step we take upon this earthBe a testament to the power of love and unity.

As we honor you and Sarah Tamar,

May we find peace in our hearts,

May we feel the embrace of your eternal love,

And may the land be fertile with the seeds of compassion and grace.

O Blue Rose, flower of the Garden of Eden,

Cosmic Rose of Love,

We offer our prayers to you,

May your healing essence flow through us,

Bringing harmony, balance, and joy.

In the name of Sara la Kali and Sarah Tamar,

We anchor this prayer in the heart of the earth,

May it resonate through the realms,

Bringing forth a new dawn of love and light.


Ana Otero

This prayer is from the the new Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Book of Prayers and Healing! The pre-sale is now available! I have been creating this for the past year, right after the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Course was created. The rituals are aligned with the Aramaic Cycles of the Moon!

This downloadable and printable book also comes with a video transmission and ceremony of the Blue Rose and a Celestial Movement Meditation. CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase.

Shabbat Blessings and thank you for your presence.


Ana Otero

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