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Shabbat Message. Sarah Tamar and the Holy Kiss

The image I share with you today is from The Desert Rose Oracle Cards soon to be released. This image is of Mary Magdalene Crowned as Kallah Messiah. We can see Mary Magdalene in White, purity and expansion, blue, her Royalty, and green, her connection to the Earth as the Embodiment of Shekhinah. In this image with her are Yeshua Messiah and Sarah Tamar, the Christed Child who holds the codes to the Blue Cosmic Rose.

Sarah Tamar as the pure Galactic Vibration of Love. Assyout Leba in Aramaic means the Healed Heart and we when we work with Sarah Tamar in this Dimension of Vibration she activates within us the three forms of Love manifested and taught in the Christ Lineage and within the Aramaic Technology.

Ahava is love in Service. Rehem is the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, the purest form of Love. Hooba is the Holy Flame of Desire that activates our love for life, our love for this incarnation. Sarah Tamar is the Child of Love, the child of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. As ascended Master and Light Bein, SHE is the infinite Sound Vibration of love. Her NASHAK, sacred kiss of initiation, comes through the power of the breath and the channeling of our voices so we can achieve the sound frequency of the Cosmic Dragon.

“The one who is nourished by the word which enters his mouth walks towards his own redemption. The redeemed person is quickened by a kiss and is born through a kiss. We kiss each other, therefore, and cause each other to be reborn through the love which is within us.” (Gospel of Phillip 58:31-59:1-5) .

In the time of Yeshua and Mariam a kiss was the sign of the initiated. They recognized and acknowledged each other with a kiss. Just like an embrace, a kiss has various meanings.

This was known as the Nashak.

The Hebrew and Aramaic word for kiss Nashak means ‘to breathe together’ or ‘to share the same breath’ as the Holy Spirit weaves together 2 breaths into 1. When two people kiss each other with unconditional love and soul remembrance, the doors to Malkoota d’Shmaya (Kingdom of Heaven) are opened. The Rukha D'koodsha (Aramaic for Holy Spirit) blesses the Divine Sacred Beloveds. “The companion of the Son is Miriam of Magdala. The Teacher loved her more than all the disciples; he often kissed her on the mouth.” In the Desert Rose Teachings, the Breath was indicative of the very life essence, source or even spirit of a person, a kiss on the mouth indicated a mingling of essences by the mingling of breath.

The Holy kiss is steeped in Gnostic meaning. There are 2 expressions of Nashak. The first one is a transmission of wisdom through the Holy Breath that one person contains and then passes this Holy breath to another person. The other expression is more of a sexual connotation, where 2 lovers become one.

The Nashak is Sacred and when she appears in our life, we have married an aspect of the Divine.

It is time to raise our vibration by bringing awareness to our breath. The Holy Spirit breathes through us, yet for HER to actually be activated within us, we must first acknowledge the Shekhinah. Mary Magdalene in the Age of the Holy Spirit is Queen of Shabbat and now is the moment to feel her breath with us, our breaths becoming one with HER breath.

On this Shabbat day, we can do 108 repetitions of Nashak and we will start to embody this frequency with the power of the word. Experiment with chanting and the different sounds that your voice can make. Do this until you are comfortable, at ease, and in grace with your voice.

Wishing all of you love on this Shabbat - Venus Day.


Ana Otero

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