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Shabbat Message Our Mission is here Now

Ahava and Blessings to all of you!

Shabbat Shalom

I could not end this day without writing a Shabbat Message. As I write I have my 2 candles joined and the smell of the Frankincense resin fills the air of my home temple. I have spent the day recording at the studio and we have finished all of the creative process! Now, the team at the studio will be working on the mastering of the songs. THE DESERT ROSE CHANTS AND PRAYERS IN ARAMAIC project is complete on my end.

Yesterday the Priestesses and Priests of Mary Magdalene in Training and I gathered to celebrate the Descent of Sophia and the Birth of Mother Mary. It was a very powerful Alaha Shela Ceremony and as we finished the Ceremony many of us received the news of the Death of Queen Elizabeth II. Whether or not you are a fan, a follower, a monarch, something shifted energetically and I think all of us have felt it in our bodies.

It made me reflect on the following:

We are all given roles to carry out in this incarnation, roles that we choose in the Ethers, in the Great School of Light guided by Mother Anna. We make agreements, soul contracts, etc. How grand to see our lives so powerfully unfold the Destiny of choosing to be King - Queen of our Malkootah (kingdom). This takes service, commitment and understanding of the importance of our presence in this incarnation. If we decide to wear our Crown, this requires unconditional service. As Yeshua said, only those who serve can enter the Kingdom.

So I asked myself yesterday: Am I fully living in commitment to what I have chosen as a Path and to fully serve in this incarnation?

Do I believe so profoundly in my values and in myself that I can carry forth my Divine Destiny?

Our Mission is here now, in this moment. It is not in how we would like to see ourselves or what we occupy ourselves with during the day. We are living our Mission in this present moment, whether we enjoy our lives or not, the beauty is to give 100% of ourselves in everything that we do. If 100% of our soul, devotion and commitment is poured into each action, then we will succeed, we will expand, we will feel the Glory of a consecrated and abundant life, and we will enjoy an inner peace of knowing that we are leaving a legacy.

The Divine Mother is activating her Holy Mantle over us and there has been a powerful unveiling and a calling for us to truly show ourselves.

Life is precious and it is a gift. We are here today, and what if tomorrow we weren´t. Now is the moment to commit, to serve, to love, to be our true Soul Essence.

As I finish these words I can feel the kiss of Shekhinah on my forehead. We are so guided and held at this moment.

Happy Shabbat to all of you.


Ana Otero

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