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Shabbat Message: Shine like a Star

Why do stars shine? They shine because they are in a state of constant self-offering. Like a candle surrendering its wax and wick to the flame, stars consume themselves to cast light across the universe. This radiant emission is an act of profound sacrifice, a sacred rite where stars must expend themselves to fulfill their true nature.

In life, we face pivotal moments where we can either remain as we are or leap into the vast unknown within us. Staying the same means dwelling in the confines of our known world, leading to stagnation. Alternatively, embracing a life of giving—of our light, brilliance, love, and goodness—elevates our existence to greatness.

Sacrifice, in its deepest sense, is this sacred act of giving ourselves. Generosity, then, is not just an action but an art form.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Though what you have to give may seem insignificant, it is very important that you give it.” This teaching urges us to share even the smallest offerings, for their impact can be profound.

On this Shabbat Day, let us invoke Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene, the embodiment of Shekhinah. May her humility, purity wisdom and leadership inspire us to live as starts do, giving of ourselves to illuminate the paths of others. May her spirit guide us toward unity and deeper connection.

Bshem Maryam,

Bshem Maryam,

Bshem Maryam,


Ana Otero

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