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Shabbat Message: The Gospel of Philip

Ahava and Blessings,

I am wishing all of you a beautiful Shabbat day. Below I speak about a teaching of Light Conception from the Gospel of Philip that we can bring into our Shabbat reflection and seed these teachings for the week to come.

In the Gospel of Philip, conception and birth are not merely biological events but are imbued with deep spiritual significance. Philip speaks of "light conception," as a spiritual awakening or the infusion of divine light within the soul. This conception is a transformative process, where the soul is illuminated by divine wisdom and love, preparing it for a higher state of being.

"The birth of the world is the raising of the veil. The bridal chamber is not for animals, nor is it for slaves or defiled women, but for free men and virgins who are washed." This passage from the Gospel of Philip emphasizes that true birth is the unveiling of spiritual truth, an event that takes place in the sanctified space of the bridal chamber.

The bridal chamber, a recurring theme in the Gospel of Philip, symbolizes the sacred union between the divine and the human, the spiritual and the physical. It is a place of holy marriage, where the soul and the spirit merge in a mystical embrace. This union is not limited to physical procreation but is a metaphor for the inner alchemical process that leads to spiritual rebirth and enlightenment.

The bridal chamber represents the sanctity of this union, a place where the divine light can be conceived and nurtured within the soul. It is in this sacred space that the mysteries of creation and divine love are revealed and experienced.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene embody the archetype of the sacred embrace, the divine union of masculine and feminine energies. The Gospel of Philip speaks their unique and profound relationship, suggesting that Mary Magdalene was not only a close companion of Yeshua but also his spiritual counterpart. This sacred partnership exemplifies the bridal chamber, where their union represents the ultimate convergence of divine wisdom and love.

"Yeshua loved her more than all the disciples and kissed her often on her mouth." These words reveal such a mystery, THE SACRED EMBRACE. This passage highlights the intimate and spiritual bond between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, signifying the transfer of divine knowledge and the illumination of the soul through their sacred embrace.

Light conception, as depicted in the Gospel of Philip, is the process by which divine wisdom is conceived within the soul. This conception occurs through the sacred embrace, where the merging of masculine and feminine energies ignites the spark of divine light. This light then grows and develops within the soul, leading to spiritual birth and enlightenment.

In the video below I talk about one teaching that we can bring in for this week. What are the thoughts that we are brining in to everything that we would like to create and manifest?

We will continue with the Gospel of Philip throughout the month of June at The Desert Rose Mystery School.

The video below is in Spanish and English. Not all videos will be in both languages, but some are.

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Wishing all of you a blessed Shabbat.


Ana Otero

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