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Shabbat Message:The Sacred Rite of Giving

Stars shine and we are all stars. Some even say that we come from the stars.

Why do stars shine?

Stars burn, they expend themselves, as does a candle. They give up their essence so that they can shine. They share themselves so that their light can be shared. Their shining is an act of self-sacrifice (sacred rite). Stars must give of themselves to shine, to become what they truly are: STARS.

There comes a moment in our life in which we can stay exactly how we are or we can take a leap of faith and dive into the unknown which is infinite within us.

If we live only to keep what we know, we dwell in ignorance and stagnation. If we live to give our life, our shine, our brilliance, our goodness and love, our life will become one of greatness.

The true meaning of sacrifice is the SACRED RITE OF GIVING OF OURSELVES.

The practice of generosity is an art form.

Gandhi: “Though what you have to give may seem insignificant, it is very important that you give it.”

May we remember on this Shabbat Day to call upon Kallah Messiah Mary Magdalene, the embodiment of Shekhinah, so that she may guide us into UNITY.

Bshem Maryam

Bshem Maryam

Bshem Maryam


Ana Otero

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