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Shabbat Message. The Water and the Well

Happy Venus Day and Shabbat Blessings

Mary Magdalene the Bride of Christ has chosen us to be her is Anointed Community. On Shabbat, we have the potential and opportunity to be the Bride, HUMANITY IS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. On Venus day we become the Bride and the Beloved and the Bridge to this unity is the Shekhinah. Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of the Shekhinah is this bridge.

There are many ways to embody the Light. The 13 Petalled Rose of Mary Magdalene - Shekhinah contains teachings and activations that guide us into the embodiment of the Bride. One of these petals is :

The Covenant: Uniting heaven and earth Holy Mantra in Aramaic: gishra d´nshamta Aramaic Translation: Shekhinah brigding

You can take time today to chant this mantra in the Aramaic Light Language. Sit and go within and, wrapped in your prayer shawl, as in the intimate embrace of the Holy Bride, and feel the Magdalene´s presence and power with you, within and all around you.

A share with you a legend of the Holy Bride

The Vision of Miriam’s Well

It was a prophecy that Mother Mary would discover Myriam´s Well. Legend says that when the prophet Miriam died, a great angel hid the well on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

One day Mother Mary Said “The water of the well will be my son and the well will be his bride.” The Holy Spirit gave Mother Mary this inspiration and this is why Mother Mary recognized her daughter-in-law Mary Magdalene when they met, for from that day she dreamt of her.

The Well and the Water is a most powerful symbol of the Lover and the Beloved. If you can, go near a well today and receive the activations of Divine Union.

May we always know that we are the Divine Creation of Alaha creating. May we choose to cultivate the seeds of light and move away from the reptilian seeds that have kept us in bondage. May we know that we are LOVE, may we BE LOVE, SPEAK LOVE, SHARE LOVE, EMBODY LOVE AND BIRTH LOVE.


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